Professional & Technical Standards

Upholding Integrity

At the heart of the accounting profession lies a commitment to integrity, accuracy, and adherence to ethical standards. This commitment is upheld through the rigorous enforcement of professional and technical standards, which serve as the foundation for maintaining trust and confidence in the financial reporting process.

The PICPA plays a pivotal role in upholding these standards and ensuring that members of the accounting profession maintain the highest levels of conduct. We actively empower our members to engage in the legislative and regulatory processes, providing them with a platform to voice concerns and offer insights on how proposed legislation or regulations may impact their professional practice and clientele.

Professional Ethics

The PICPA's commitment to upholding professional ethics extends beyond mere enforcement. The organization actively engages with regulatory bodies and policymakers to advocate for policies that promote ethical conduct and strengthen the integrity of the profession. Furthermore, the PICPA offers guidance and resources to help members navigate ethical dilemmas and emerging issues in the profession. Whether it's providing insights on ethical considerations related to the burgeoning cannabis industry or offering commentary on proposed changes to accounting standards by bodies such as the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA), the PICPA serves as a trusted resource for CPAs seeking to uphold the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

Comment Letters

Comment Letters

PICPA committees and the Professional and Technical Standards are active participants in providing feedback on proposed regulations and standards affecting the accounting profession. Through comment letters submitted to regulatory bodies, including state and federal legislative committees, the PICPA voices member concerns, suggests improvements, and advocates for policies aligned with professional ethics and best practices. These letters serve to influence regulatory decisions, promote transparency, and safeguard the integrity of financial reporting, ultimately contributing to a stronger and more accountable profession.


The PICPA takes pride in facilitating connections between our members and lawmakers and standard setting bodies. Through these connections, CPAs advocate for policies aligned with industry best practices, educate policymakers on complex financial matters, and champion initiatives that uphold integrity and accountability. This active participation helps shape legislative decisions, promotes public trust in the profession, and ensures that the needs of CPAs and the broader community are represented in the formulation of laws and regulations.


Professional and technical standards are the bedrock of the accounting profession, serving to safeguard the public interest and uphold the integrity of financial reporting. Through its comprehensive approach to ethics enforcement, advocacy, education, and accountability, the PICPA plays a critical role in promoting ethical conduct and maintaining the trust and confidence of stakeholders in Pennsylvania's economy.

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