PICPA's Legislative Accomplishments

2017 - 2018

  • Act 72 of 2018 - Decouples the state’s corporate net income tax law from the bonus depreciation provided in last year’s federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Official bill text can be found here. Signed into law 6/28/18
  • Act 18 of 2018 - PICPA provides a summary of the changes, which amend the Local Tax Enabling Act to provide consistency to the local EIT crediting provisions to protect taxpayers from double taxation. Official bill text can be found here - Signed into law 5/4/18
  • Act 6 of 2018 - Amends Act empowering the General Counsel or his designee to issue subpoenas for certain licensing board activities providing for reporting of sanctions and criminal proceedings for defs., for suspensions and civil penalties - Signed into law 5/4/18
  • Act 5 - Amends pension provisions allowing new employees and lawmakers to choose between three retirement options - Signed into law on 6/12/17
  • Act 71 -  Amends the SFCP Act to align audit requirements for financial reports with federal law - Signed into law on 12/22/17
  • Act 72- Makes technical changes to the SFCP Act that will assist organizations filing a registration statement with the Department of State’s BCCO - Signed into law on 12/22/17

2015 - 2016

  •  Act 14 - Amends the Second Class Township Code in auditors and accountants
  •  Act 84 - Amends the Tax Reform Code providing for amended reports for corporate net income tax
  • Act 150 -  An Act amending the The Local Tax Enabling Act, in consolidated collection of local income taxes
  • Act 157 - Amends the Pennsylvania CPA Law to adopt a new comprehensive definition of attest services
  • Act 170 - An Act amending Titles 15 (Corporations and Unincorporated Associations) and 54 (Names) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes

2013 - 2014

  • SB 4 - Constitutional amendment for institutions of purely public charity/Pamphlet Laws Resolution No. 2
  • Act 15 - Removed the attest work experience requirement for CPA license
  • Act 42 - Clarifies the assessment of a Business Privilege Tax 
  • Act 52 - Reforms to the Board of Finance and Revenue 
  • Act 71 - Repeal of the Corporate Loans Tax 
  • Act 87 - Extends PA Whistleblower Law protections to private-sector employees
  • Act 141 - Conforms filing date for charitable organizations with federal law
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