Fiscal Responsibility Task Force Reports

PICPA Fiscal Responsibility Task Force Addresses State's Most Trying Fiscal Challenges

PICPA's Fiscal Responsibility Task Force develops reports designed to help our state's policymakers overcome fiscal challenges. PICPA members recently unveiled its latest report to members of the Pennsylvania House. The 2021 document provides a sweeping analysis of Pennsylvania tax issues and offers recommendations for improving the Department of Human Services and public education.

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Chairs Discuss Latest Report

Suzanne Leighton, CPA
Chair - Fiscal Responsibility Task Force

“CPAs are uniquely qualified to assist the Wolf administration and the General Assembly with meeting the fiscal challenges that lie ahead because of COVID and the shutdowns. We routinely face the challenge of developing strategic plans of action to return businesses or clients to sound financial footing.

The task force is an excellent platform to discuss a range of challenges and opportunities and offer suggestions to improve Pennsylvania’s long-term financial health.”

Cheri Freeh, CPA, CGMA
Chair - Public Education Section

Cindy Bergvall, CPA
Department of Human Services Section