Sales Tax on Professional Services

Sales Tax Expansion Measure Narrowly Fails in the Senate

A legislative measure that would have imposed a massive tax increase on Pennsylvania taxpayers and shifted more than $13 billion away from school property taxes was narrowly defeated in the state Senate on Nov. 23 by a vote of 24-25, with Lt. Gov. Mike Stack breaking the tie vote. The PICPA strongly opposed the plan and urged its members to contact their state senators to voice their concerns.

Read more about the failed measure and PICPA's role in Legislative Update.

PICPA Members Stand Firm

The PICPA Government Relations Team worked swiftly to organize a letter-writing, e-mail, and phone campaign in opposition to the sales tax. While these efforts proved successful, proponents of the tax are working to draft a new proposal. The PICPA encourages members to review the PICPA's stance below and follow this issue.

A Renewed Threat

Senate Bill 76 continues to garner support in Harrisburg. The CPA-PAC is determined to fight it.
For more information, contact the PICPA Government Relations Team at or (717) 232-1821.

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Here’s a sample tweet: The numbers don’t add up in SB76. Vote no @[insert your senators handle]. #CreateaPAbudget with growth opportunities.

PICPA President's Letters to the Editor

Julius Green wrote the following letters, which were picked up by several publications across the state. Below is just a small sampling of that coverage.

March 31, 2016 - "What Do These Real Estate Tax Proposals Really Mean?"

Nov. 17, 2015 - "Sales Tax Expansion Hinders State Revenue Growth"
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