Many PICPA committees, along with the PICPA Government Relations and Professional & Technical Standards teams, provide technical assistance and strategic leadership to state, local, and federal policy makers as they consider the interests of Pennsylvania’s business climate and the public when drafting and passing legislation and regulations.

Below are recent testimonies given on behalf of PICPA members as well as testimonies by leaders in the accounting industry.
PICPA Comment Letters

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Legislative Session Testimony

  • Pa. Senate Education Committee Hearing on K-12 School Budgeting and Fund Balances - March 15, 2023. Testimony presented by Pam Baker, CPA, CGFM, a member of the Government Accounting and Auditing Thought Leadership Committee. Read more or view the hearing.
  • Pa. Senate Majority Policy Committee Hearing on the Impact of the Sterling Act and Local Tax Enabling Act on Pennsylvania, Including Philadelphia and its Suburban Communities - March 2, 2023. Testimony presented by Matt Melinson, CPA, MT, a member of the PICPA State Taxation Steering Committee. Read More or view the hearing.
  • Public hearing on "Commonwealth Transparency 101: Sunshine Act, the Right-to-Know Law, the Ethics Act, and Per Diems" Nov. 4, 2021. Testimony presented by Cheri Freeh, CPA, a member of the PICPA State Taxation Steering CommitteeView More
  • Pa. House Finance Committee Hearing on the Revitalization of Pennsylvania's Business Tax Climate Oct. 7, 2021Presented by Drew VandenBrul, CPA, a member of the PICPA State Taxation Steering Committee. View More 
  • Pa. House Finance Tax Modernization Subcommittee Hearing on an Analysis of the Condition of Pennsylvania's Financial Security - March 9, 2021. Presented by Suzanne Leighton, CPA, Fiscal Responsibility Task Force (FRTF) Chair, along with Cindy Bergvall, CPA, and Cheri Freeh, CPA, FRTF subcommittee chairs.  View More
  • Pa. House Majority Policy Committee Public Hearing to discuss Gov. Wolf’s 2021-2022 Tax Proposal Feb. 24, 2021Presented by Jason Skrinak, CPA, member of the PICPA State Taxation Committee and Fiscal Responsibility Task Force. Read More
  • Pa. House Commerce Committee Public Hearing on House Bill 1010, Protecting Pennsylvanians Personal Information - Feb. 25, 2020.  Read More
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