Aug 22, 2016

Leveraging Data Analytics for CPA Success

Mason Pan of Control Risks Group in Washington, D.C., joins Bill Hayes to discuss data analytics, in particular how it can be used to make a CPA’s work life easier. He explores skills CPAs can acquire to thrive in the new big data environment and ways data analytics can enhance efficiency for the benefit of clients.

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By: Bill Hayes, Pennsylvania CPA Journal Journal Managing Editor

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  • Stuart Laughlin | Nov 13, 2016

    I found the podcast to be very interesting.  Mason Pan did an excellent job of breaking down the components of data analytics and identifying where CPS'a could best leverage it to their advantage.

    I do have one question.  In the podcast, Mason mentioned a specific author as a great resource.  I could not quite catch the author's full name & I'd appreciate is someone would provide the author's name.  

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