Sep 04, 2018

What Championships Can Teach Business Execs about Success

By Michael D. Colgan, CEO and executive director

I don’t know about you, but one thing that makes the end of summer bearable is that football season begins. As a Philadelphia resident and Eagles fan, last year’s Super Bowl win brought great personal pride to the city I call home. Of course I have hopes that the Eagles will be able to claim another Super Bowl championship, but regardless of this season’s outcome, last year’s win provided some valuable lessons worth revisiting as we gear up for the first kickoff of the season.

PICPA members Rebecca Kirby and Matt Melinson wrote “10 Business Tips Learned by Watching the Philadelphia Eagles.” They drew interesting parallels between winning business principles and the Eagles’ legendary performance. The discussion includes overcoming adversity, developing a network, fostering mentorship, and embracing innovation. Make sure you go to their blog and check out the detailed discussion. And as you wait for your team’s first kickoff return of the season, take a few minutes to see how many of the tips Rebecca and Matt identified apply to your personal and business plan for success.

Go Birds, and best of luck to the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have made winning Super Bowls their business!

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