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Earn a certificate developed by top subject matter experts and set yourself apart as a valuable asset to any firm or organization.

Upon completion, you will be awarded CPE and a digital badge to be displayed on a personal website, a social network, a biographical page on a company website, or an online résumé.

Certificate programs will help you ...

  • Enhance your résumé and career opportunities
  • Demonstrate competency in niche and specialized areas
  • Explore new areas of practice

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Not-for-Profit Certificates

FASB Accounting Standards Updates are bringing significant changes to not-for-profit financial statement presentation and revenue recognition. Whether you work in public accounting or for a nonprofit, the Not-for-Profit Certificates offer you a convenient and accessible way to get high-quality, comprehensive, and up-to-date training in not-for-profit accounting, financial reporting, tax compliance, and governance and assurance.

Not-for-Profit Certificate I

This comprehensive program covers the essentials of not-for-profit financial management, including accounting and financial reporting, tax compliance, and governance and assurance.

Qualifies for 40 CPE credits. 

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Not-for-Profit Certificate II

Go to the next level. This CPE program provides a premium learning experience that will sharpen your skills and set you apart as a financial leader in the not-for-profit field.

Qualifies for 29 CPE credits.

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Personal Financial Planning Certificates

The Personal Financial Planning Certificate Programs are a series of certificates covering the core areas of PFP, including retirement, estate, and investment planning, as well as practical application. Tax planning and how it relates to each area is incorporated throughout each certificate.

Retirement Planning Certificate

Designed for practitioners who want a thorough understanding of retirement planning, this includes a series of courses covering the retirement planning life cycle, including planning for aging and chronically ill clients.

CPE Credits: 20

Investment Planning Certificate

Part of the Personal Financial Planning Certificate Program, this certificate program includes eight courses covering steps in the investment planning life cycle, along with a discussion of planning for and funding higher education.

CPE Credits: 18.5*

Estate Planning Certificate

The Estate Planning Certificate Program is an informative and engaging learning experience that will enhance your knowledge of estate planning.

CPE Credits: 19

Practical Applications of Personal Financial Planning Certificate

Enhance your knowledge with eight dynamic courses covering critical steps in the risk management and insurance planning process.

CPE Credits: 14-Other

Risk Management and Insurance Planning Certificate

Learn to navigate the regulatory environment, understand personal financial planning standards, use fundamental concepts in a systematic planning process, and use your technical knowledge for the benefit of your clients. This program is comprised of five courses, including four case studies, covering the clients' planning life cycle.

CPE Credits: 14

Cybersecurity Certificates

Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Finance and Accounting Professionals Certificate

Gain the confidence to make sound strategic decisions regarding cybersecurity risk, and learn what you should be doing as a non-IT professional to help protect your clients and your organization from cyberthreats.

CPE Credits: 15.5*

SOC for Cybersecurity Certificate

Help your clients navigate threats as a trusted business adviser for their cybersecurity risk management programs. Learn how with this self-paced CPE certificate program.

CPE Credits: 14.5*

Cybersecurity Advisory Services Certificate

Learn how to help your clients spot cybersecurity weaknesses, identify potential risks, and offer advice on how to safeguard information and systems. Advise clients on managing threats and developing effective processes and controls to detect, respond to, mitigate, and recover from cybersecurity events.

CPE Credits: 15

COSO Certificates

COSO Internal Control Certificate

The COSO Internal Control Certificate Program offers a unique opportunity to develop your expertise in designing, implementing, and monitoring a system of internal control. Nine self-paced modules provide the knowledge necessary to understand and apply COSO's Internal Control--Integrated Framework.

CPE Credits: 17

COSO Enterprise Risk Management Certificate

With the COSO Enterprise Risk Management certificate, you can solidify your strategy by learning how to assess risk and manage it successfully within the newly updated ERM framework. It will also help prevent surprise risks, business scandals, and failures while providing value to shareholders.

CPE Credits: 13.5*

Technology Certificates

Blockchain Fundamentals for Accounting and Finance Professionals Certificate

Learn the characteristics of blockchain and crypto-assets, identify opportunities and risks, and understand high-level technology concepts underpinning blockchain. Anticipate potential benefits and risks of the technology, study structure and functionality, and translate crypto-assets into relevant business application and value.

CPE Credits: 16

Data Analysis Fundamentals Certificate

Understand the need for transformational assets within an organization and the importance of intelligent data management and corresponding analytics practice. Learn the roles involved in the analytics practice and the most commonly encountered technologies in today's data ecosystem.

CPE Credits: 10

Application of Data Analysis Fundamentals Certificate

Understand the concepts and definitions of data analytics and fundamental statistical analysis techniques to glean useful information from data. Learn the variables that make up a data set and perform meaningful calculations: central tendency, variability, probability, and distribution.

CPE Credits: 15

Data Analytics Modeling Certificate

Define clear business outcomes for your analytics practice to ensure your efforts align with your organization's strategic direction and create value. Learn data profiling and data cleansing techniques to maintain data quality throughout the data life cycle. Practice extract, transform, load (ETL) techniques and work with different data models and analytics tools.

CPE Credits: 14

Forecasting and Predictive Analytics Certificate

Learn the fundamental techniques used for predictive analytics: regression, classification, clustering, optimization, and simulation. Beginning with basic models for revealing and establishing relationships, you will apply increasingly sophisticated modeling techniques for practical data analysis and commonly encountered problems.

CPE Credits: 15

Data Visualization Certificate

Learn how to translate data into meaningful information, visualize the information, and communicate findings and lessons. Develop an understanding of business intelligence (BI) and the overall architecture by which organizational data can be managed and understood.

CPE Credits: 10

Robotic Process Automation Strategy for Business Leaders Certificate

Learn how robotic process automation (RPA) is transforming businesses and providing a significant competitive advantage. Hear key considerations to build an RPA strategy, including how to address the cultural shift needed to overcome the "fear of robots" and understand the critical role human intelligence plays to ensure a successful strategy.

CPE Credits: 7

Robotic Process Automation Fundamentals Certificate

Learn the benefits of robotic process automation (RPA) and how software robots can make your business or clients more competitive and agile. Gain an understanding of the risks, opportunities, and organizational impact of automation, as well as key considerations to build a business case and run a successful proof-of-concept.

CPE Credits: 16

More Certificates

Fundamentals of Forensic Accounting Programs Certificate

This comprehensive online certificate program will provide you with a solid understanding of financial forensics. Become familiar with the forensic accountant's professional responsibilities, and get a fundamental knowledge of the legal system, gathering information, discovery, reporting, providing expert testimony, and more.
CPE Credits: 21.5*

IFRS Certificate

The IFRS Certificate Program includes a comprehensive, integrated curriculum of 25 online self-study courses. This scenario-based series uses multimedia elements, interactive exercises, and case studies to guide you through the concepts under each area of IFRS.

 CPE Credits: 40.5*

* NOTE: The Pennsylvania State Board of Accountancy does not accept .5 credits unless the individual is able to pair two .5 together for one credit in the same credit type. Credits will round down to the lower whole number for CPE submission.