Certificate Programs

Set Yourself Apart. Develop Your Specialty.

Earn a certificate developed by top subject matter experts and set yourself apart as a valuable asset to any firm or organization.

Upon completion, you will be awarded CPE and a digital badge to be displayed on a personal website, a social network, a biographical page on a company website, or an online résumé.

Certificate programs will help you ...

  • Enhance your résumé and career opportunities
  • Demonstrate competency in niche and specialized areas
  • Explore new areas of practice

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nfp cert

Not-for-Profit Certificates

FASB Accounting Standards Updates are bringing significant changes to not-for-profit financial statement presentation and revenue recognition. Whether you work in public accounting or for a nonprofit, the Not-for-Profit Certificates offer you a convenient and accessible way to get high-quality, comprehensive, and up-to-date training in not-for-profit accounting, financial reporting, tax compliance, and governance and assurance.

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pfp cert

Personal Financial Planning Certificates

The Personal Financial Planning Certificate Programs are a series of certificates covering the core areas of PFP, including retirement, estate, and investment planning, as well as practical application. Tax planning and how it relates to each area is incorporated throughout each certificate.

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ebp cert

Employee Benefit Plans Audit Certificates

Explore the accounting and auditing requirements unique to employee benefit plans including defined contribution, defined benefit, and health and welfare plans in accordance with AICPA standards and Department of Labor rules and regulations. Understand and apply the core concepts related to client acceptance, engagement planning, engagement analysis, concluding an engagement and guiding principles for employee benefit plan audits.

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cyber cert

Cybersecurity Certificates

The Cybersecurity certificate programs will help you understand the cybersecurity risks for your organization and clients. Learn how you can help mitigate the risks and manage threats as a non-IT professional. Advise clients on managing threats and developing effective processes and controls to detect, respond to, mitigate, and recover from cybersecurity events.

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coso cert

COSO Certificates

Develop a strong, effective internal control system with COSO professional certificates. Discuss the updated ERM framework and learn how to design, implement, and monitor a system of internal control. Assess and manage risk to provide value to shareholders.

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tech cert

Technology Certificates

Gain competitive edge with technical knowledge in cybersecurity, blockchain, data analysis, and robotic process automation. Learn the skills necessary to develop strategies with technology.

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aa cert

Accounting & Auditing Certificates

Following Uniform Guidance, the Single Audit Certificates will explore single audit key issues, the responsibilites of auditors, and engagement planning. Gain a deeper understanding with the advanced insight into internal controls and special considerations.

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Finance Transformation Certificates

In this three-part certificate, discuss the changing nature of finance and learn how to adapt to the evolving business environment. You will learn how to drive value within your finance team and organization by navigating the CFO role and new roles within the value chain.

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* NOTE: The Pennsylvania State Board of Accountancy does not accept .5 credits unless the individual is able to pair two .5 together for one credit in the same credit type. Credits will round down to the lower whole number for CPE submission.