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Accounting and Auditing Certificates

Following Uniform Guidance, the Single Audit Certificates will explore single audit key issues, the responsibilites of auditors, and engagement planning. Gain a deeper understanding with the advanced insight into internal controls and special considerations.


Intermediate Single Audit Certificate

Understand how to plan, perform, and evaluate a compliance audit under the new Uniform Guidance including the responsibilities of both the auditee and auditor. Analyze the core concepts related to client acceptance, engagement planning, engagement analysis, concluding an engagement, and the guiding principles for single audits.
Qualifies for 10.5 CPE credits.*

Advanced Single Audit Certificate

Gain insight into key issues that may arise in a single audit engagement conducted under the Uniform Guidance, with an emphasis on the advanced topics that require particular attention. Interpret the requirements for understanding internal controls, assessing the level of control risk, and testing the effectiveness of internal controls relative to federal awards.
Qualifies for 9 CPE credits.

* NOTE: The Pennsylvania State Board of Accountancy does not accept .5 credits unless the individual is able to pair two .5 together for one credit in the same credit type. Credits will round down to the lower whole number for CPE submission.