PICPA thanks the attendees and speakers of the 2017
Government Accounting Conference!

A BIG round of applause to these organizations for being represented by multiple team members at the conference:

Boyer & Ritter LLC
County of Berks
Dunlap&Associates PC
Greenawalt & Company, PC
Herbein + Company, Inc
Long Barrell & Company Ltd
McClure & Wolf, LLP
Northern York County School District
PA Department of the Auditor General
Rennie & Associates CPAs PC
Robert C. Bezgin, CPA
Seachrist Kennon & Marling

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  • Technology and Audits

    Data & Analytics in the Government Finance Function

    Data and analytics (D&A) is a hot topic in both government and private sector finance. This blog focuses on D&A in governmental internal audit and compliance monitoring, but many of the observations are applicable to other functions.
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  • School District Fraud

    Opportunity, motivation, rationalization, and poor internal controls are the root of most fraud schemes executed by management, employees, or volunteers at school districts across the nation. The best protection against many fraud schemes, is halting them before they begin. One of the most commonly discussed fraud schemes identified at school districts is asset misappropriation, more specifically, employee embezzlement. Proper internal controls coupled with managerial oversight can provide a proactive defense mechanism against these internal predators.
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Local Government Articles

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E-filing Now Mandatory for Municipal Authority and Authority Nonprofit Reports

The Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) now requires municipal authorities and authority nonprofits to file their annual reports online. Karen O’Neill, local government policy specialist with the DCED, and Pam Baker, CPA, managing partner with Barbacane Thornton & Company, provides perspective on this big change.

Inside the Role of a Fraud Investigator

On this episode of CPA Conversations, a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a presenter at the PICPA Government Accounting Conference, walks us through the process of fraud investigation, including the level of danger and class of criminal to be confronted.

Cybersecurity Challenges and Solutions for Local Governments

Budgetary restrictions are something that just about every local government must deal with. One of the areas where they face challenges is data security, which makes them a popular target for cyber criminals. In this episode of CPA Conversations, Mark Burnette, a shareholder with LBMC Information Security, helps us examine some of the challenges these organizations face as well as offering some solutions for overcoming the obstacles.

A Look Back at the 2017 Agenda

July 10-11 | Hershey & Webcast 
  • AICPA Update
  • Cybersecurity: Top Ways to Stay Secure
  • DCED Close-Out Guidelines: What Has Changed?
  • Data and Analytics Overview for Management and Auditors
    Watch On-Demand!
  • Fraud Alert: Outing an Inside Job
    Watch On-Demand!
  • GAO/OMB Update
  • GASB Nos. 72 and 75: Implementation Issues
  • GASB Update
  • Government Finance Officers Association - Awards Program for Small Governments
    Watch On-Demand!
  • Government Fraud Investigations from the FBI's Perspective
    Watch On-Demand!
  • Hands-On Application of Data Analytics
  • Intro to Accounting and Financial Reporting
    Watch On-Demand!
  • Intro to Government Auditing
  • Intro to Single Audits
  • Why Are We Failing at Cybersecurity?
    Watch On-Demand!
  • Yellow Book FAQs