Firm-Sponsored Membership

With more than 22,000 members, the PICPA is the fifth largest accounting association in the United States. As PICPA membership grows, so does the influence of the CPA profession.

A PICPA Firm Sponsored Membership is more than just an annual billing program: it demonstrates to your staff, colleagues, and clients that you are committed to developing a smart, creative, forward-thinking firm and maintaining the peerless reputation of Pennsylvania CPAs.

If your firm has five or more CPAs on staff (full-time CPAs and CPA candidates), then you can enroll and participate as a Firm Sponsor. Check out the full list of benefits, and contact Sara Albert or submit the form below to enroll your firm.

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Easy enrollment

Firm Billing - Yes, It’s That Simple

One Invoice for All Members of Your Firm

Don’t get lost in the paperwork – the PICPA will send you a single dues invoice for all your employees every March.

Easy New Hire Enrollment

The PICPA will send you an easy-to-complete online membership application for any new hires upon request and bill you directly for any membership fees. As an exclusive benefit, participating firms can enroll their members for free for the remainder of the membership year after Oct. 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

View a list of FAQs concerning the Firm-Sponsored Membership program.


PICPA Firm Sponsors receive priority treatment:

  • Mid-year roster clean-up
  • Annual Recognition in the Pennsylvania CPA Journal
  • Recognition on the PICPA Website
  • A window cling and certificate for your office featuring a “Firm Sponsor” logo
  • Concierge-style attention from Sara Albert, PICPA Firm Services Manager
  • Upon request, the PICPA will visit your office to discuss current professional issues and membership benefits with your staff.
  • Discounted sponsorship fees at PICPA’s Student Networking and Casino Nights in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia
  • Complimentary membership for one firm administrator
  • Complimentary use of the meeting spaces in the Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh offices
  • Exclusive PICPA Career Center discounts throughout the year


2016-2017 Participating Firms

Acuity Advisors and CPAs
Appletree & Kern PC
Arnett Carbis Toothman LLP
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP
Barbacane, Thornton & Company LLP
Baum Smith & Clemens LLP
Bee Bergvall & Co.
Berkowitz & Berkowitz CPAs
Bertz Hess & Co. LLP
Beucler Kelly & Irwin Ltd.
Black Bashor & Porsch LLP
Boles Metzger Brosius & Emrick PC
Bowman & Company LLP
Boyer & Ritter LLC
Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz
Buckno Lisicky & Company
Cataldo Financial and Consulting Group
Catanese Group
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
Clyde Ferraro & Co. LLP
Concannon Miller & Co. PC
Connolly Grady & Cha PC
Cunningham Porter and Phillips CPAs
Cupersmith Wilensky Steiger Stempler & Co. LLP
Deluzio and Company LLP
Detweiler Hershey & Associates PC
DiClaudio & Kramer LLC
Drucker & Scaccetti PC
Dunlap & Associates PC
EG Conley PC
EisnerAmper LLP
Fenstermacher & Company LLP
Fischer Cunnane & Associates Ltd.
Flowers and Flowers CPAs
Friedman LLP
Goff Backa Alfera & Co. LLC
Grossman Yanak and Ford LLP
Hamilton & Musser PC CPAs
Herbein + Company Inc.
Hill Barth & King LLC
Holman Frenia Allison PC
Holsinger, PC
Hutchinson Gillahan & Freeh PC
Isdaner and Company
JonesKohanski & Co. PC
Kersey & Associates PC
Kimmel Lorah & Associates LLP
Klatzkin & Company
Kline Kimlin
Kreischer Miller
Kronick Kalada Berdy & Co.
Locke & Associates PC
Louis Plung & Company
Love Scherle & Bauer PC
Luchini & Company PC
Mack Gerberich & Associates PC
Maher Duessel
Maillie LLP
Markovitz Dugan & Associates
McClure & Wolf LLP
McGill Power Bell & Associates LLP
McKonly & Asbury LLP
Milligan & Company
Morison Cogen LLP
Pritchard Bieler Gruver & Willison PC
RDF Tax Services LLC
RLB Certified Public Accountants
RLH CPAs & Business Advisors LLC
Rotz & Stonesifer PC
Rudney Solomon Cohen & Felzer PC
Sager Swisher & Co.
Satira Associates PC
Schaffner Knight Minnaugh &Company PC
Schneider Downs & Co. Inc.
Shubert Goodman and Huttner LLP
Siana Carr O’Connor & Lynam LLP
Simon Lever LLP
Sisterson & Co. LLP
Smith Elliott Kearns & Company LLC
Smith Lewis Chess & Company LLP
Smith Nale & Company Inc.
Smoker, Smith & Associates PC
Stambaugh Ness PC
St. Clair & Associates PC
St. Clair CPAs PC
Trout Ebersole & Groff LLP
Urish Popeck & Co. LLC
Waggoner Frutiger & Daub LLP
Weinhold Nickel & Company LLP
Wessel & Company
Wilke & Associates LLP
William G. Koch & Associates
Wipfli LLP CPAs and Consultants
Young Oakes Brown & Co. PC
PICPA Firm Services Manager 
Sara AlbertSara C. Albert, MBA
(412) 255-3761 x3749

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