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    Understanding Your FICO Score

    Most credit-reporting agencies use a third party to determine the credit score of an individual’s credit report. The most widely known comes from the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), but it is worth noting that not every credit score offered online is a FICO score.
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  • Russo,-Tami-Noll

    Achieving Income-Tax-Free Retirement

    Is income-tax-free retirement possible for you? It very well may be, and you should closely review your finances to find out.
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  • Dunlap_Jessica

    Don’t Let Friendly Feelings Set Your Business Up for Fraud

    The phrase “segregation of duties” is used by CPAs every day, but what does that mean to the small-business owner? Simply put, segregation of duties means no single person has too much control of a transaction involving important business assets. It is a basic anti-fraud measure.
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