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  • Kevin Brosious

    Your Will: Don’t Leave This World Without One

    Dying without a will is known as dying intestate, which basically means that your property will pass in accordance with state laws. The due diligence of a CPA adviser is so important when reviewing estate documents and beneficiary designations.
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  • Carlo Silvesti, CPA

    Know Your Credit Card to Better Handle Your Debt

    To better manage our debt, it is important to understand the details of our credit cards and how we use them. The first step in managing credit card debt is to select the appropriate credit card for your need by answering two important questions before making a purchase.
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  • Mark L. Sullivan, CPA

    For Small Businesses, Know the Importance of Your CPA Relationship

    Establishing a trusting relationship with your business partners is essential. For small-business owners, this trust can be helpful to the bottom line. It is important that the advisers you work with, such as CPAs, understand your business and your plans.
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A Guide to Pennsylvania Business Privilege and Mercantile Taxes


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