Tax Filing Season is Here!

A new tax season is upon us. The filing season for your 2017 returns officially opened Jan. 29, 2018 (for federal returns), and the filing deadline for both federal and Pennsylvania individual tax returns is April 17, 2018. Check below for helpful tips from CPAs throughout the season. 


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Interstate Tax Guide

Taxes Across State Lines

Many residents of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Ohio make the trip across the Pennsylvania border almost daily as they commute between their jobs and their homes. The tax issues, however, are never as simple.

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Federal Tax Code

Federal Tax

CPAs provide answers to federal tax questions:

What are the 2017 rates and exemptions?
What are the tax breaks and considerations for homeowners?
What is happening with the alternative minimum tax (AMT)?

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PA State Taxes

Pa. State Tax

CPAs provide answers to Pa. state tax questions:

What is the Pa. income tax rate?
When are returns due?
Who must file?

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Protecting Yourself Against Tax Fraud

IRS-PICPA Partner to Educate on Tax ID Theft

Your tax security is always at risk - whether it's holiday shopping or tax season. This press conference features tips from CPAs, the IRS, and the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. 

Battling Tax Identity Theft

Many people are aware of the dangers of identity theft, but they may not realize how quickly it is growing or the numerous areas in which it can occur.

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