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Fundamentals of Forensic Accounting Certificate


CPE Credits
7-Other; 14-A&A



PICPA Member: $549 | Nonmember: $685

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Get a solid understanding of financial forensics. Discover best practices for producing work products that will withstand the type of scrutiny encountered in a courtroom, boardroom, or other administrative venue. Learn the fundamental forensic knowledge pertaining to laws, courts and dispute resolution, and basic federal and state rules of evidence. Gain insight into the planning and preparation requirements for a variety of unique forensic engagements.

There are 19 required modules that utilize interactive scenario-based learning, including audio and video animation, to guide you through the concepts.



  • Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Reorganization
  • Computer Forensic Analysis  
  • Economic Damages Calculations  
  • Family Law  
  • Financial Statement Misrepresentation  
  • Fraud Prevention, Detection, and Response  
  • Valuation  

Who will it benefit?

Any CPA or accounting professional who is considering entering the field of forensic accounting

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