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The Pennsylvania CPA Foundation’s mission is to inspire students to pursue careers in accounting and to provide educational, motivational, and financial support to those working to attain the CPA credential. 

Recent Foundation Highlights

Pennsylvania CPA Foundation Scholarships Pave the Way to CPA

Andre Bennett - accounting major, PICPA Student Ambassador, scholarship winner, and future CPA. Watch as Andre shares how the Pennsylvania CPA Foundation is helping him succeed on the path to his CPA credential.

The Pennsylvania CPA Foundation is Making an Impact

Hear from freshman accounting student and PICPA Student Affiliate Member, James Pittman, about how the Pennsylvania CPA Foundation helped him to choose accounting as a major.

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2018 Accounting Career Days

Over 1,500 high school students and educators participated this year in a free program to hear from practicing CPAs about career opportunities in the accounting profession.

Join us in taking a look back at the 2018 Career Day programs, stats, and survey results!

2018 Career Day Recap 


The Pennsylvania CPA Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with tax ID number 81-5449140. Contributions to the Pennsylvania CPA Foundation may be fully deductible to the extent allowed by law.