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The Business of Marijuana (Local Government Conference)


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Medical marijuana dispensaries are here in Pennsylvania. This influx of business brings with it many accounting and auditing questions.

Get the answers from Paul G. Northup, veteran in the Colorado Department of Revenue.

  • Hurdles local governments face in collecting cash for the payment of taxes
  • Auditing tips to ensure the accuracy of tax liabilities
  • Best practices for cash business audits



Paul G. Northup
Deputy Director of Taxation
Colorado Department of Revenue

Paul Northrup is the Deputy Director of Taxation for the Colorado Department of Revenue.  He has been with the Department of Revenue for over 10 years.  Prior to becoming Deputy Director of Taxation, Paul served as the Taxation Controller and served on the Project Management Team during the 5-year GenTax integrated tax system implementation project.  As Deputy Director of Taxation, Paul works with the Taxation Leadership Team to oversee all aspects of Taxation including income, sales, and marijuana tax processing, compliance, collections, field audit, criminal tax, systems support, refund fraud detection, public information and education, and customer service. 

Prior to joining the Department of Revenue, Paul worked for 10 years for Andersen Consulting/Arthur Andersen Business Consulting on large-scale organizational strategy and system implementation projects.  Paul has a B.S. in Business (Accounting) and an M.S. in Business (Management Information Systems and Telecommunications) from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  In 2013, Paul led the effort to implement the retail marijuana sales and excise taxes in the state's tax processing system.

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