Classroom Resources

From videos to handouts, these classroom resources will help you bring accounting to life in your classroom.

Videos & Webinars

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Pennsylvania CPA Foundation

Discover CPA Careers

From CFO of an MLB team to a Manager in Forensic Accounting, PICPA members discuss how their careers in accounting are more than just numbers in this quick video or view the full-length video.

Suiting Up for Success

Introduce your students to what is acceptable attire and what the difference is between business, business casual, and casual dress.

Classroom Printed Materials

Become a CPA in Pennsylvania GuideBecome a CPA in Pennsylvania Book

Audience: Accounting Majors, Recent Graduates, Educators

This comprehensive guide to the CPA Exam and licensing includes details about education requirements, costs, preparation tips, and valuable links for CPA candidates.

Additional Resource: CPA Exam & Licensing Center.

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TransferTransfer Your Way to CPA

Audience: Community College Students

This guide helps students who have chosen community college plan their path by explaining all the right steps needed to make it to the next stage.

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CraftingCrafting Your Career

Audience: College Students, Accounting Majors

This how-to guide for future CPAs walks students through a four-step activitiy-based plan to chart out their career path. 

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PotentialPotential, Prestige & Purpose

Audience: College Students, Undecided

This booklet describes exactly what accountants do, details the benefits of becoming one, and explains the prestige of the CPA.

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Fold-out Posters

BurstingOpportunityBursting Opportunity

Audience: High School Students

This fold-out poster explains why accounting is such a dynamic career choice, covering job security, salary, and other statistics. Includes quotes from accounting professionals.

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DestinationAccounting Destination

Audience: Community College Students

This fold-out poster explains why accounting is such a dynamic career choice, covering job security, salary, and other statistics. Includes quotes from transfer students.

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Digital Books

shgpmagStart Here Go Places Magazine

The latest on different career avenues, rising stars, and what the future might hold when you get to the business world.

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14salaryguideRobert Half International Salary Guide

Access accounting and finance salary information, including the latest predictions for starting salaries in a variety of jobs. In addition to data related to finance and accounting salary information, this guide offers insights on hiring trends.

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Fresh-PerspectivesFresh Perspectives

A fun, stylish student handbook to becoming a CPA. Includes career options and descriptions, salary info, CPA profiles, and more. Also, use this customizable powerpoint presentation in conjunction with this handbook.

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CountonSuccessBookCount on Success as a CPA

A fun, high school student magazine on the careers of eleven Pennsylvania CPAs. Includes real-life career profiles, salary info, and more. 

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Powerpoint Presentations


You're Going to College: Now What?

This 30-minute presentation was developed to build awareness around costs associated with a college education today. Notes are included under the slides. 


Connect with Students

This short animated presentation will walk you through a few steps when speaking to students, which is sure to make a lasting impression.


The Cost of Credit Cards

This is a lesson on the costs of credit cards. Through Q&A students are informed about the facts and fiction of owning a credit card. This is meant to be a 30 minute presentation with about one slide per minute.


Accounting – Is It For You?

This presentation outlines what CPAs do and the variety of career paths students can choose after becoming a CPA.  Speakers should draw from their own professional experience relating to the accounting profession.


Minority CPAs – Your Competitive Advantage

In a global economy, opportunities abound for minority CPAs. This presentation outlines ways to land a job and create diversity in the workforce.


Assembling Your Own Personal Board of Directors

From entry-level to executive-level, this presentation shows how everyone can benefit from having their own personal board of directors to help them throughout their career.


IT Assurance: A fantastic career choice!

IT Assurance combines audit and consulting expertise with technology to transform a business’s operations and financial reporting processes. This presentation provides an overview of this emerging field, education and experience requirements, and associated certifications.

A Fine Accounting Career vs. A CPA Career

An accounting degree is a smart choice for your future, but becoming a CPA is the best recipe for success!
Additional Resources
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AICPA's student and educator website — designed to inspire and educate the next generation of future CPAs from High School through College graduation. See also: Ask A CPA

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