What Do You Love About Being a CPA?

Is it the immediate respect you’re given as a business professional? The opportunity to solve complex financial issues? The satisfaction of helping clients save money and achieve their financial dreams? The job security? The camaraderie with your coworkers?

PICPA members, there are 22,000 of you and 22,000 ways to answer this question. Let future CPAs and your colleagues know what you love about being a Certified Public Accountant!
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  • Tony Russo | Feb 14, 2018
    As a CPA, I am very happy to be a member of such a highly respected profession of business men and women.  A very long time ago I started taking accounting courses at the University of Maryland at Andrews AFB in MD and transferred all my credits to a local college in order to finish at night school. I became certified in 1979 and absolutely love working with and helping clients to succeed in their lives and businesses.  A very large part of my joy comes from having my son in the business as we together developed our tax and financial planning practice.  He became an EA and a CFP and together we have grown to be very successful.  I am way past the retirement age, but I don't want to let go because I am having too much fun working with him and with our wonderful clients.  I is a real dream come true for me.  All this was after spending over 25 years as a CFO in a company where I had little control of my own destiny. Now my dream is to have some of my grandchildren join the business if and when they desire to.  God Bless America.
  • Rachel Wehr, CPA | Feb 13, 2018
    Working with small business clients, helping them achieve their goals, being their support system, listening, finding solutions, and making their lives less stressful!
  • Jeff Bowley | May 22, 2017
    I enjoying working with smart and driven people to help them grow their business and succeed. Also, it is always nice when someone is thankful and appreciative for your help, and my CPA designation has allowed me to do that for so many. 
  • Kevin McGoun | May 18, 2017
    When being interviewed for an accounting job, they will ask, "Are you a CPA?".  It's great to be able to say "Yes".  I have worked at my job for the past 28 years and greatly appreciate the job security and stability that being a CPA has brought about.  Having been employed 28 years at the same employer is especially meaningful to me.  I have severe hearing loss.  I went through a program at the Vocational Rehabilitation Center and I wear hearing aids in both ears.  (Attention employers: Don't be afraid to hire a CPA who wears a hearing aid.) 
  • Kathleen Rue | May 13, 2017
    Any time I tell someone I am an accountant, the first thing they ask is "Are you a CPA?"  I have always been proud to say yes.  My career spanned from public accounting at a Big 8 firm to internal audit for an international corporation (with the chance to travel to exotic places like Singapore and Brussels), to small business and few tech start ups along the way.  I now spend most of my time and energy working in the non profit world, giving back for the wonderful opportunities I have experienced in my life.  I have also gotten more involved with the PICPA, as they help us all not only obtain our needed CPE but providing a community of like-minded and smart people - for collaboration, and socializing.  
  • Amanda Keiffer | Mar 15, 2017

    Not only do I appreciate the respect of the CPA designation from those within and outside of the finance and business industry, the thing I love most is the doors that continually open for your career. I've had the pleasure of working for a regional CPA firm doing tax preparation and auditing, a university, a large non-profit, and now as owner of my own CPA firm. You can literally write your own ticket to whatever drives you.

  • Richard H. Flowers II, CPA | Feb 28, 2017
    I love the challenges that the profession literally demands of a CPA in public practice on a daily basis. I find dealing with the many varied issues, both expected and unexpected, that present themselves, to be very rewarding. I have always told our entire team that we need to be the problem solvers for our clients. Not that we need to know, or even have, all the answers or solutions right at hand, but that we are always there to assist the client in arriving at the best result. In addition, and probably foremost, the pride I feel in seeing my son, Tom, take over the reins of the family CPA firm that my father founded in 1960, is indescribable. Flowers & Flowers CPAs is a third generation firm, with a fourth generation potential.
  • Rob Wilson | Feb 19, 2017
    I love the profession and everything that it stands for.  When I meet other CPAs, I meet people that are like-minded and that I'm proud to say are in the same profession as I am.  It's quite an honor.
  • Mark Wilson | Feb 17, 2017
    Being a CPA empowers me to serve others by helping them understand the meaning of financial information.
  • Ken Finkelstein | Feb 16, 2017
    As a CPA, I am looked upon as honest, possessing financial, tax, and business acumen, and garner the respect of others.  I enjoy the challenge of financial and tax puzzles, and love being able to save people money and taxes by discussing people's issues, and coming up with various solutions.  The best part is getting to work closely with my clients, and really helping them solve tax and financial problems that they have.  One of the best parts of being a CPA is also having flexibility in my life (and being able to work from home if need be, but a lot has to do with my job in particular).  Lastly, I have tried to give back to the profession by being involved in several PICPA committees, speaking to high school students about careers in accounting, and even doing a program for 8/9 year old girl scouts about understanding the value of money.  It is a great profession!
  • Vic Conrad, CFP, ChFC, AIF | Feb 16, 2017

    First, with a degree in accounting you come out of college with real skills that don't require current job experience in many cases.

    Second, continuing on to obtain your CPA license gives you instant credibility in the business world.  CPAs are viewed and trustworthy, honest, and ethical.

    Third, and I'm a prime example of this, accounting/tax is involved with most any business/organization (profit and non-profit) and there are so very many different career paths you can take.  Personally, for 20+ years now I have focused solely on financial planning and have since added other professional designations/licenses (CFP, ChFC, and AIF).  While I'm am currently "inactive" with my CPA license, the critical problem solving abilities learned from doing accounting & audit work, and having a deep understanding of the tax code helps me help clients every day.

    I tell everyone that I would never change my past professional experience, and having that degree in accounting and later earning the CPA license is a solid foundation of it all.

  • Marsha Rubin | Feb 16, 2017
    FLEXIBILITY.  I have undergone several career changes during my 40 years as a CPA, but no matter what the change, my CPA designation has been at the center of it.  AND for anyone starting out, you can't beat a PICPA membership for the community and networking that it will provide.
  • John Rossi | Feb 16, 2017
    CPAs are a great group of people!
  • James Newhard | Feb 16, 2017
    In a career chosen from an aptitude for math and calculus, my life as a CPA has been made most fulfilling from the personal stories and relationships -- people in real financial turmoil, couples obtaining tax credits after huge adoption costs, people striking out to start a business and helping them turn the corner, alerting people from financial problems from the path/direction they were headed, assisting in the launch of small non-profits, even encouraging folks to be more generous supporters of charitable works (even if they were motivated by the deductions), and hundreds of other stories. CPAs get the chance to change lives and make an impact on folks. That's pretty awesome!
  • Amy Leibenguth, CPA MBA CGMA | Feb 16, 2017
    It's amazing to be part of a large group of highly respected individuals!  Knowing that I have the ability to help a business owner in so many situations makes me feel like I can make a difference.  And if I personally do not have the experience, I have a network of people to contact.  I can also help the community on boards to be a part of making a difference in someone's life.  I could not imagine a more fulfilling career!
  • Denise L Devine | Feb 16, 2017

    I often tell students that accounting is the "language" of business, and being a CPA provides a versatile skill set that can be utilized in any business field you choose to pursue. Operating in a profession that mandates a code of ethics is also vitally important to the business world.  My CPA skills have also added great value to the non-profit and for-profit boards on which I serve.  Even though I no longer practice in public accounting, I proudly maintain my CPA license and AICPA/PICPA membership. It is a wonderful profession and an excellent career choice.

  • John Cherb | Feb 15, 2017

    I had 50+ years of experience I could not have received in another profession.  I had a wonderful journey over those years.  With two partners and a long-term staff we extended our experience and professionalism to clients all over including 14 states.  I had the privilege of meeting clients that were executives in some of the large corporations.

    On one occasion I even had the opportunity to play a few minutes of racquetball with President George Herbert Walker Bush. 

    I recommend and have done so on a number of occasions mentored a number of individuals to the CPA profession. 

    I am presently enjoying retirement. I wish all good health and success.

  • GregorySnyder403 | Feb 15, 2017
    What's not to love?
  • Diane Gassert | Feb 14, 2017
    I enjoy solving clients problems.  
  • Julie Torresson | Feb 14, 2017
    I love being a CPA because of the diverse opportunities available, but my favorite would have to be mentoring young accountants striving to earn the CPA credential and teaching them the practical applications of the theory they learn in school.
  • Thomas Alvare | Feb 14, 2017
    I've been a CPA now for almost 40 years.  It has been at the core of all of my career opportunities. Being a CPA allows you the freedom to chose from a multitude of areas of specialty in your quest to help others.  I chose Personal Financial Planning (CPA/PFS) applying a blend of empathy and client advocacy with tax expertise, technical analytical skills in planning and forecasting, and independence in rendering investment advice and services.  Our reward for putting clients first still continues through my many lifelong relationships with clients and colleagues.
  • Karen Facer-Mee | Feb 14, 2017
    The best part about being a CPA is the ability to help all types of businesses and individuals. Working as a CPA is never boring because every day is exciting like opening a box of chocolates; you never know what you're going to get! It is very rewarding that every new challenge our entrepreneurs face, they seek our input as their most trusted adviser. I also love the camaraderie that I've experienced with other CPAs volunteering for PICPA committees/leadership. I've met professionals who have the highest degree of technical competence, honesty, integrity, compassion, etc. We don't compete we work together (large and small firms) to provide the best services for all our clients and resources for our practices. I love that I'm a part of a profession that is so valuable to society and gives back. 
  • Lisa Myers | Feb 14, 2017
    My personal and professional life has been enriched by being a CPA.  Twenty eight years in public accounting, twenty six years as a CPA....it continues to be an incredible journey.  
  • John M. Nonnemacher | Feb 14, 2017

    As a CPA in public practice, I love meeting with so many different clients (especially our elderly clients!).  As CPAs, we are like "financial doctors," helping them with their auditing, accounting, and tax concerns.  And I love being involved with what they do-government, nonprofit, manufacturing, retail, law, medicine, etc.  I love the feeling of satisfaction I get from helping a client solve a problem.

  • David Nagel | Feb 14, 2017
    Not needing to study for the CPA exam again! - and also additional credibility.  Friends, family members, and clients assume I know everything relating to finance and accounting just because I have the CPA!
  • William Ebersole | Feb 13, 2017
    The instant credibility you have when someone realizes you possess this credential. 
  • Ronald Fassett | Feb 13, 2017
    I love being a CPA because to my wonderful surprise, my career has been so much more than just the numbers.
  • RONALD W. ROGOZINSKI | Feb 13, 2017

    Being a CPA has given me the ability to earn the professional respect and trust of clients, colleagues and countless others as well as providing a financially rewarding career that after 45 years in the profession has allowed me to retire and enjoy my senior years…. 

  • Pamela Baker | Feb 13, 2017
    I love being a CPA for two reasons. First, as an auditor working with the nonprofit and government sectors, I love the opportunity to help organizations connect and succeed with their mission through a better understanding of their financial information. Second, I love the network of other CPAs who care about the profession like I do. 
  • Elizabeth A Yeremsky MBA CPA CGMA | Feb 13, 2017
    It is much simpler then you think. As a senior member I can now give back to my community. There are many elder citizens that need special advice and I make it a point to be there for them. Fees are no longer the first priority. As a CPA I have accumulated enough knowledge to be of service to others. 
  • Michael Cade | Feb 13, 2017
    I love being a CPA because the certification gives me the tools to add value as a business leader. Being a CPA allows me to tap into organizations, such as the PICPA, for continual learning and interactions with incredible professionals. Being a CPA gives me the perspective to recognize that success is more than just the numbers.  Warmest regards to all current and future CPA's! --Mike
  • Darrell Giles | Feb 13, 2017

    It's never the same; there is always a challenge of dealing with clients and different issues every year. I enjoy the diversity of client challenges that I face.  It can be taxing at times but the sense of accomplishment out weighs it all.

  • Bob Boehner | Feb 13, 2017
    As a third generation accountant, I enjoy helping our elderly clients, some who are vulnerable. I also enjoy helping young entrepreneurs get started in their businesses. After 36 years, I am not tired of the profession, which means I must really love numbers. Technology has helped to compensate for the challenges of annual tax law changes to some degree. And because I desire to help clients in a more comprehensive manner, I took and passed the CFP exam in November, adding to my skills to help clients as I work into my 7th decade.
  • William Finnecy | Feb 13, 2017

    The thrill of being in the game  with our clients. Winning & retaining clients based upon the knowledge we provide. Bringing clarity to complex matters allowing clients to confidentially implement the plan.

  • gene cleary | Feb 13, 2017
    Being a CPA allows you to develop strong relationships throughout an organization as you get to deal with many departments (legal, treasury, finance, HR, IT) when your company deals with a specific transaction.
  • Michael L Weinhold | Feb 13, 2017
    It is all about creating a relationship with your clients and having the opportunity to develop their trust and confidence in what you say and do.
  • Jennifer Cryder | Feb 13, 2017

    While there are many things I love about being a CPA, I'd have to say that my favorite part is the people I've met along the way.  I feel fortunate to have learned from and been challenged by so many talented professionals throughout my career.

    Being a CPA has also provided me so many amazing opportunities.  From traveling to solving business problems, I've done so much more in my career as a CPA than I ever could have imagined!

  • Jovan Goldstein | Feb 10, 2017
    Overall, I like how the profession sharpens your skillset from a business and personal perspective.

    Being a CPA allows you to have insight on businesses in various industries, permitting you a keen understanding of why businesses fail and succeed and a strategic advantage as a business advisor. This tends to help you make smart business decisions for your clients and yourself.

    The independence of the profession permits creativity to achieve an objective and allows the professional to develop his or her own way of tackling a financial matter. Therefore, you are forced to be solution-orientated and an effective problem solver, both personally and professionally.
  • Sarah Jakubowski | Feb 10, 2017
    I love the knowledge exchange that the CPA community fosters and provides! Not only being able to share the knowledge I’ve developed over the years, but also learning from some of the best and brightest in the industry on a daily basis. I learn something new every day- from team members at my firm, clients I service, peers at the PICPA, and the list goes on!
  • Steph Kane | Feb 10, 2017
    I love the opportunity to help so many different types of clients. Each client has their own unique set of challenges and opportunities which helps to keep me engaged and focused on helping them.  I love that being a CPA is different for every one of us, and yet the same in terms of our ability to work together as a profession to help one another.  Our collective knowledge and desire to move forward makes us an asset to one another, the profession and our clients.  I love that I can say I'm a part of such an impactful and inviting group of professionals. 
  • David Manbeck | Feb 10, 2017
    I love being a part of such a respected profession.  The people you meet and come to know, whether it be clients, colleagues, or coworkers, helps make this one of the best professions anyone could be a part of.  In addition, being part of the PICPA has only made that experience better with all the talented individuals I have been fortunate enough to meet and connect with while serving both my local chapter and at the state level.  
  • Christopher Mora | Feb 09, 2017
    I love being a technical accounting expert that people can rely on. This includes being a client's trusted advisor; clients trust you and your colleagues to turn problems and issues into solutions and conclusions.
  • David W. Stonesifer | Feb 09, 2017
    I'm very proud to be a CPA and love being part of such a highly respected profession.  The ability to have a positive impact each and every day both on clients and coworkers is truly special.  In this profession you have the opportunity to be surrounded by so many talented individuals which fosters an environment of endless learning. 
  • Will Velekei | Feb 09, 2017
    The best thing the CPA has provided me with is the opportunity to positively impact my clients' lives by leveraging my background, experience, and expertise to help with their personal financial plans and goals. The amount of trust the public empowers you with, as a CPA, is truly humbling. Not only have a I developed a lot of professional relationships, but those same relationships often become personal friend, as well. The ability to feel purpose, and a part of something larger than yourself, as many CPAs I know do, is empowering both in my personal life and career. 
  • Luigi Corrado | Feb 09, 2017
    I love the technical accounting knowledge, leadership qualities, and problem solving skills that have been continuously strengthened throughout my career.  I enjoy the camaraderie built through collaboration with co-workers, clients, and industry peers in a truly team environment.  Being an active member within PICPA, I have been able to meet outstanding professionals while having the opportunity to give back to the profession and the community.  I am proud to be a part of an organization that supports our great industry.
  • Rosemary Lamaestra | Feb 09, 2017
    I love the feeling you get when you know you have helped your clients - you may just be doing your job, but to them it's something they truly appreciate and value.  Also, it's great to be a part of such a large professional family.  I have met so many other CPAs in our region as well as across the state, and I value the camaraderie that exists among the group. 
  • Kristin Seeger | Feb 09, 2017

    I am honored to be a part of such a well respected industry! It is incredible to work with intelligent and motivated individuals who take pride in what they do and to be a part of a professional organization that offers continuous opportunities to its members and gives back to the community.   I love being a CPA!


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