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From Financial Analyst to Business Leader, the CFO Role Continues to Grow

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NEW! Tax Act Affects More in Business than Tax Rates

Aaron R. Risden, CPA shines a light on how components of the new tax law are poised to impact company operations beyond tax rates and into areas like human resources and employee benefits.



  • Maria Marini

    Adopting Automation Strengthens PICPA’s Accounting Efficiencies

    To increase efficiencies at the PICPA, our financial team was looking for a way to replace some of our manual accounting processes with automated solutions. Though automation is not always an easy process to implement, the investment in both software and staff training can provide a valuable return.
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  • Lauren Ruef

    CFO 2.0: Moving Beyond the Finance Function

    For chief financial officers, assuming new roles outside of the finance function is increasing in importance. They are learning to roll with the punches as a host of new technologies come online.
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  • Michael F. Cade, CPA, CGMA

    Six Steps on the Road from Controller to CFO

    The controller is one of the most recognizable roles in financial leadership, but if you want to continue on into the role of chief financial officer you will need to embrace some new ways of thinking.
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  • cryder_jennifer90x90

    Cyber Insurance from a Corporate Finance Perspective

    Cyber liability insurance and related risk mitigation is an area for which many in corporate finance are finding themselves responsible, despite having no background in technology. Cyberthreats are truly a business risk that demands attention from the C-suite as well as the directors and officers.
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  • cryder_jennifer90x90

    CPAs: The Great Communicators of Financial Information

    CPAs help others see the “story” being told by financial information, whether it be a board of directors or an organization's staff. However, the message is delivered differently based on the audience. So try to keep the following points in mind when presenting financial information to a group.
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