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NEW! Tax Act Affects More in Business than Tax Rates

Aaron R. Risden, CPA shines a light on how components of the new tax law are poised to impact company operations beyond tax rates and into areas like human resources and employee benefits.



  • Lafferty_Ryan

    Bonus Pay Best Practices

    Bonus time can be a difficult few weeks, especially if our bonuses don’t meet our expectations. Often, any expectation shortfall can be pinned on management missteps.
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  • Rachel Sargent

    Success Starts with Understanding the “Why”

    Maintaining an inquisitive nature is a major strength for CPAs. And taking the time to learn the "why" behind various principles and practices in industry will help you think holistically on all areas of business and open your thoughts beyond just the finance discipline.
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  • Kathy Rue, CPA

    CPAs Can Serve as Crucial Links Between Senior Management and Operations

    In industry, those with the CPA designation and acquired skills and experience could be integral liaisons between executives and operations. Senior management at your company may be able to suggest roles for you beyond traditional finance tasks.
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  • Anant Kale

    Six AI Trends CFOs Can’t Ignore in 2019

    Artificial intelligence (AI) can help a business reinforce imperatives, increase employee retention, and jump ahead of the competition. Here are six predictions regarding AI trends that CFOs shouldn’t ignore.
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  • Michael F. Cade, CPA, CGMA

    Nonprofits Need Total Project Accounting

    One effective way for not-for-profits to control nonprogram costs and minimize allocations is through Total Project Accounting. The concept is to record all costs in a way that more accurately shows their nature and source.
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