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The Changing Role of the CFO

From Financial Analyst to Business Leader, the CFO Role Continues to Grow

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NEW! Tax Act Affects More in Business than Tax Rates

Aaron R. Risden, CPA shines a light on how components of the new tax law are poised to impact company operations beyond tax rates and into areas like human resources and employee benefits.



Six Steps on the Road from Controller to CFO

The controller is one of the most recognizable roles in financial leadership, but if you want to continue on into the role of chief financial officer you will need to embrace some new ways of thinking.

Communication of Financial Results through Data Visualization

When numbers people need to translate reports for others, data visualization is the way to go.

Leadership-Driven Financial Practices for Business Success

Often, there is a lot of focus on change and adapting in the business world. But don't forget about the core practices that have been proven to drive successful business financial operations.

Building Blocks of Financial Leadership

Today’s successful financial leaders direct a department that accurately records and reports the financial status, and they help create organizational value.

Big Data and Data Analytics – What Every CPA Should Know

The science of data analytics is key to helping with decisions that will improve business performance and return on investment.


Q&A with Donita Rudy, Crisis Management Expert

10 Forces Changing the Role of the Controller

Transforming the Controller from Manager to Leader

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8 Core Competencies of Financial Leadership