As CPAs and the business environments evolve, technology is a strong force and continues to drive many decisions. Read more on software and hardware choices, cybersecurity, and big data and how it all relates to you.

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  • The Great Big World of CPA Technology

    CPAs are trained to keep an eye on the changes taking place in the areas of standards and regulations. But what about the constantly changing world of CPA technology? Taking an eye off of that particular ball can leave a CPA firm paying a steep price. To help our member CPAs keep up with the developments in CPA technology, CPA Conversations recently sat down with Tommy Stephens of K2 Enterprises.
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  • Common IS Audit Pitfalls When Conducting an Engagement

    In the winter 2017 Pennsylvania CPA Journal, I discussed certain challenges that auditors tend to encounter as they begin and end an information systems (IS) audit engagement (“Common IS Audit Pitfalls at the Bookends of an Engagement”). This column is the second part, and it provides additional guidance when conducting walkthroughs and testing procedures during IS audits.

Data Analytics


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  • Timothy P. Dinan, CPA

    Communication of Financial Results through Data Visualization

    When numbers people need to translate their reports into something meaningful for others, data visualization is the way to go. A combination of data visualization with written and oral communication in the correct balance will effectively explain where your company has been, where it is currently, and where it is headed.
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CPA Conversations

Leveraging Data Analytics for CPA Success
Listen in as Mason Pan discusses skills CPAs can acquire to thrive in the new big data environment and ways data analytics can enhance efficiency for the benefit of clients

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On-Demand CPE

Preparing Your Excel Source Data for Analysis
On-Demand | CPE Credit: 1-Other

Delve into Big Data
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CPA Now Blogs

CPA Conversations

Protect Your Firm from Cyber Attack
Listen in as Ken Pyle, a partner with IT security firm DFDR Consulting, speaks with CPA Conversations about the detrimental side effects cyber hacks can have on CPA firms.

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Pennsylvania CPA Journal Articles

  • CloudComputing_90x90

    Cloud Computing: Security and Risk Management

    Peter J. Kaye, CPA, and Robert G. Korbeck Jr. explain how cloud computing technology can help many types of companies, but urge those who choose to take the leap to understand the implications of faulty risk management.
  • Sometimes Simple Things Can Bolster Your Cyber Security

    Computers can be broken into in many different ways. Some are common and well-known, while others are esoteric. CPAs and their clients need to know some of the basic risks and important factors when logging on to their own computers or using a client’s system to perform their work.


Leveraging Mobile & Remote Computing Technology: Decision-Makers' Guide


Choosing the right mobile and remote computing options for your business involves a series of critical decisions regarding infrastructure, security, software, device deployment, document management, and much more.

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Cyber Crime - What Does the Future Hold?

Louis Pichini and Prakash Santhana, both members of Deloitte, discuss cyber crime, the criminals who perpetrate these crimes, and how businesses and accounting professionals can protect themselves. Read more >

Technology CPE

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The Importance of E-mail Archiving and Retention

Randy Johnston of K2 Enterprises joins Bill Hayes to talk about establishing a strict e-mail archiving and retention policy and the positive benefits it can have for a business’s everyday operations.

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