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Get Your Recruiting Videos Noticed

Oct 30, 2023
CPA recruiting is more competitive than ever. The market is tough, and there is no indication that it will be getting any easier soon. Incorporating video into your recruiting efforts may not be a silver bullet, but it sure can make you stand out from the competition when it’s done well.
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Compliance with the FTC Safeguards Rule

Oct 24, 2023
The Federal Trade Commission amended the Safeguards Rule in 2021, which has a more expansive definition of “financial institutions.” It includes nonbanking institutions engaged in work incidental to financial activities, such as CPA firms and tax professionals that collect personally identifying information. CPAs need to be aware of these changes.
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A New Appreciation of the State and Local Tax Profession

Oct 23, 2023
State and local taxes once were generally considered an afterthought for corporations: SALT was a nuisance, not worthy of the time or resources needed to comply. Times have changed. State and local taxes are now regarded much more materially in terms of importance in the corporate tax world.
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