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Blogs By Jennifer Cryder


Where Are All the CPAs? The Crisis and Opportunity of Rebuilding the Accounting Pipeline

Jan 8, 2024
In its most recent Insights white paper, the PICPA takes a measured, data-grounded look at the dearth of incoming accounting talent. More importantly, the study offers new perspectives and potential solutions to help rebuild and strengthen the process of growing new accounting talent.
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Accounting Firms at a Crossroads: New Research in Pa. Points the Way Forward

May 2, 2023
Accounting firms in Pennsylvania are under a lot of pressure, and leaders are concerned about the future of their firms and the profession as a whole. This is why Insights, PICPA’s research function, commissioned a study of Pennsylvania accounting firms to gain a better understanding of how the profession is addressing its challenges.
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Join Us for PICPA’s 126th Annual Meeting

Apr 18, 2023
Clear May 16-18 on your calendar, and plan to come to Pittsburgh for PICPA's 126th Annual Meeting. Catch up with your peers, meet leaders in the profession, and hear from experts on the state of the accounting profession.
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CPAs: Principal Place of Business Determines Where You Should Hold Your License

Oct 18, 2022
With remote work becoming the norm, CPAs should know the nuances of working remotely and the importance of their designated principal place of business (PPB). CPAs must use their best judgement to make the PPB determination, but, in some cases, the PPB selection may not prevent the need for a second license.
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Accounting as Part of STEM: A Critical Pipeline Need

Aug 11, 2022
In a rapidly changing world, it is vital that students are well-versed in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). CPAs are fighting hard to have accounting education included under the STEM umbrella. Why? First, accounting already is a profession that requires high aptitude in technology, and it will become even more so. More importantly, though, inclusion as a STEM discipline will go far in enhancing the pipeline of prospective accountants.
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