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Team Motivation during Accounting Busy Season

Busy season in accounting can be a challenging time for teams facing heavy workloads and tight deadlines. The ability to motivate your team is becoming more critical than ever. But it is not always easy.

Feb 14, 2023, 22:31 PM

Stefania DeMarcoBy Stefania DeMarco, CPA, MBA

Busy season in accounting can be a challenging time for teams facing heavy workloads and tight deadlines. The ability to motivate your team is becoming more critical than ever. It is not easy, but if you embrace the right mindset your team will work together more effectively and achieve great results.

Here are a few strategies to keep in mind as you ramp up for busy season.  

Maintain a positive attitude – It is important to stay calm and collected, even when faced with difficult challenges. Your team looks to you for guidance, and your attitude will set the tone. You have the opportunity to lead by example, so communicate a sense of confidence and optimism to your team.

Two accounting teammates celebrating (fist pumps)Clearly communicate goals and expectations – Make sure that everyone understands what is expected of them, but also that they know how their work fits into the bigger picture. Clear and achievable goals give your team a sense of purpose and direction while helping them stay focused and motivated.

Provide the resources your team needs to succeed – Resources may include formal training, coaching, and real-time feedback. By providing your team with the support they need to do their job, you will demonstrate that you value their contributions and that you are invested in their success.

Recognize and reward hard work – Yes, some of this is done through formal rewards via bonuses and promotions during reviews, but a simple thank you or a team celebration goes a long way. It can be very easy to forget this when things get busy. Recognizing and rewarding your team's hard work in the moment not only makes them feel valued but it also will encourage them to continue putting in their best effort.

Remember that each team member is motivated in a different way – Take time to understand what motivates each person and tailor your approach to be most effective for them. There is no exact guide on what to do.

The success of our teams is not merely measured in numbers. The quality of the teamwork and the ability to support each other to find solutions to problems that may arise are also vital. Encourage open communication, a sense of belonging, and collaboration. This will help to build trust and create a positive work environment.

Motivating your staff during busy season is an essential part of leading a successful team. By maintaining a positive attitude, clearly communicating expectations and goals, providing resources and support, recognizing and rewarding hard work, and understanding each team member's unique motivation, you can help your team work effectively and achieve great results.

Stefania DeMarco, CPA, MBA, is national director, client service and business development, for CBIZ & Mayer Hoffman McCann PC in Plymouth Meeting, Pa., and is chair of PICPA’s Greater Philadelphia Local Connection Committee. She can be reached at sdemarco@cbiz.com.

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