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The Certified Public Accountant Political Action Committee is a nonpartisan, member-managed organization representing CPAs in public practice, industry, and government, as well as new and veteran members of the profession. CPA-PAC is the only PAC to specifically represent the interests of Pennsylvania CPAs.

The Mission of the CPA-PAC Is...

To promote and strive for the improvement of government by encouraging, stimulating, and providing the opportunity for certified public accountants and others to take a more active role in political and governmental activities that affect the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and its citizenry.

To provide support for the election of candidates for statewide office limited to the following categories: State House, State Senate, Governor, Attorney General, Auditor General, and Supreme Court Justices. The CPA-PAC may also disburse funds to caucus committees, political party committees, the ChamberPAC, Pennsylvanians for Effective Government (PEG), and other state organizations that may support our issues. 

CPA-PAC Membership Levels

Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated, but there are four established levels of giving:

  • Keystone Club: $500 and above
  • President's Club: $250-$499
  • Century Club: $100-$249
  • CPA-PAC Member: $60-$99

Names of CPA-PAC contributors giving $100 or more are published in the spring issue of the Pennsylvania CPA JournalAll contributors are listed on the PICPA's website.

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Three ways to invest:

Contributions to the CPA-PAC are not tax-deductible.
Say No to a Sales Tax on Professional Services
Senate Bill 76, a property tax reform proposal that includes a sales tax on accounting and auditing services, continues to garner support in Harrisburg. Find out why the CPA-PAC is determined to fight it.
Your Colleagues Say...

“By standing together and using the strength of our numbers, we gain access to key legislators to present the arguments and positions relevant to CPAs and the businesses we serve.”

– Jodi Pringle, CPA
S&F Company