Legislator Committee Contributions

The CPA-PAC contributed to the following Legislator Committees in 2018 thus far:

Incumbent House Members

Benninghoff for Representative
Citizens for Jake Wheatley
Citizens for Jason Ortitay
Citizens for Jordan Harris
Citizens for Mackenzie
Citizens for Stan Saylor
Committee to Elect Brian Ellis
Committee to Elect Joe Emrick
Committee to Elect R. Lee James State Representative
Committee to Elect Tom Quigley
Dan Frankel for 23rd District Committee
Elect Bill Kortz Committee
Friends for Daryl Metcalfe
Friends for Donna Oberlander
Friends of Aaron Bernstine
Friends of Becky Corbin
Friends of Bryan Cutler
Friends of Carolyn Comitta
Friends of Chris Quinn
Friends of Dan Moul
Friends of Dave Hickernell
Friends of Fee
Friends of Frank Dermody
Friends of Frank Farry
Friends of Frank Ryan 
Friends of George Dunbar
Friends of Greg Rothman
Friends of Hal English
Friends of Jamie Santora
Friends of Jared Solomon
Friends of Jesse Topper
Friends of Joanna McClinton
Friends of John Lawrence
Friends of Kate Harper
Friends of Keefer Committee
Friends of Keith Greiner
Friends of Kristin Phillips-Hill
Friends of Longietti
Friends of Marcia Hahn
Friends of Marcy Toepel
Friends of Mark Keller
Friends of Mary Jo Daley
Friends of Matt Gabler
Friends of Mike Peifer
Friends of Mike Reese
Friends of Mike Schlossberg
Friends of Peter Schweyer
Friends of Stephen Barrar
Friends of Stephen Kinsey
Friends of Steve Mentzer
Friends of Tina Pickett
Friends of Todd Stephens
Friends of Tom Mehaffie
Friends of Warren Kampf
House Democratic Campaign Committee (HDCC)
House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC)
Mako for PA
Markosek for State Legislature Committee
Mike Sturla for State Representative
Petrarca Election Committee
Rapp for Representative Committee
Readshaw for Legislator
Rosemary Brown for State Representative
Staats for State Rep.
Sue Helm for State House Committee
Taxpayers for Tommy

Incumbent Senate Members 

Aument for Senate
Baker for Senate Committee
Build PA PAC
Citizens for Browne
Citizens for Hughes
Citizens for John Yudichak
Committee to Elect Scott Hutchinson
Committee to Re-Elect John Sabatina Jr.
Folmer for State Senate
Friends of Bob Mensch
Friends of Joe Scarnati
Friends of Judy Schwank
Friends of Kim Ward
Friends of Lisa Boscola
Friends of Pat Stefano
Friends of Rich Alloway
Friends of Scott Martin
Friends of Senator Don White
Friends of Senator John Blake
Friends of Sharif Street
Jay Costa for State Senate
Killion Victory Committee
McGarrigle for Senate
Senate Democratic Campaign Committee (SDCC)
Tomlinson for State Senate
Volunteers for Argall
Open Seats/Challengers 
Friends of Judy Ward
Friends of Kyle Mullins
Friends of Marguerite Quinn
Friends of Stewart Greenleaf Jr.
Friends of Wendi Thomas
Gaydos for PA


Tom Wolf for Governor

Auditor General 

DePasquale for Pennsylvania

Other Political Action Committees



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