Sep 26, 2012

Are You Engaged Yet?

By Mike Colgan, PICPA Executive Director and CEO

I recently returned from the PICPA 2012 Leadership Conference, a free eight-hour CPE program in Harrisburg for PICPA volunteers on the state and chapter level to thank them for their engagement with the PICPA. This year we had 250 attendees – a sell-out – and the feedback we received was very positive. Outstanding presentations from Dr. Todd Dewett, Gary Boomer, Dr. Terry Madonna, and Jim Metzler from the AICPA, helped attendees enhance their leadership skills and knowledge of current events, all while broadening their own professional network. The PICPA also took this opportunity to recognize our 2012 class of 40 Under 40: PICPA Members to Watch.

40 Under 40 picture
Class of 2012: 40 Under 40

How do you get to participate in this exclusive event in the future? It is really pretty simple: engage with the PICPA in a volunteer activity at either the state or chapter level. How the PICPA defines engagement continues to expand, but there always has been, and will be, ample opportunities to become involved. Traditionally you might have served on a state or chapter committee or within leadership. Engagement in today’s environment is so much more. You may be on CPA Voice, interacting with the media or a community group; you may talk about accounting careers at a middle or high school; or you may be a key-contact person for a Pennsylvania legislator or provide testimony to a legislative committee. Perhaps you authored an article for the Pennsylvania CPA Journal or participated in a community service event at the chapter level.

In today’s PICPA, you can engage with your fellow members through social media. Participate through Facebook, one of our many LinkedIn groups, or follow the PICPA through Twitter. You also have the ability to reach members through this blog, CPA Now, where we welcome guest bloggers.

PICPA volunteers often tell me that their engagement always provides them with more output than their input. The ability to build your leadership skills, expand your professional network, and represent the PICPA and the profession before the public and regulators is a reward for your membership. The talent and commitment of our member volunteers who choose to engage with the PICPA directly contributes to the value that all members receive for belonging to the organization. And the more members who become involved only strengthen the PICPA and improve our value to you. I welcome your engagement and your contribution to making the PICPA even stronger.

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