Apr 17, 2017

Podcasts for CPAs and Other Cool Kids

By Maureen Renzi, vice president - communications

We all know what a tripod is, but are you aware of #trypod? In March, popular podcasters joined together to launch a campaign to encourage listeners to show at least one friend how to download a podcast. Podcasts are a way to access entertainment and education while on the go. The popularity of podcasts has grown over the past few years, and at last count, more than 112 million people have listened to a podcast.

CPA Conversations about accounting newsSo what exactly is a podcast? It’s an audio digital file that you can listen to on your computer or download onto a mobile device and listen to at your convenience. I take the train back and forth to work. I just started listening to Up First to catch up on the news while I’m checking my morning e-mail. I also like listening to ongoing dramatic series such as S-Town, or get some insight into science and health through the Philadelphia-produced show The Pulse. There are podcasts for any interest.

The PICPA started the podcast series CPA Conversations in July 2016, and we are closing in on 10,000 downloads. We are developing followers who learn about emerging trends and technical updates through interviews with conference speakers, Pennsylvania CPA Journal authors, members of our technical committees, and other industry experts. Bill Hayes, managing editor of the Pennsylvania CPA Journal, and Jim DeLuccia, PICPA’s communications manager, conduct the interviews. Some of the most popular podcasts to date include these great listens:

The easiest way to keep track of our podcasts, and others that you find interesting, is to subscribe to the podcasts through an app. Both the iTunes store and Google Play offer free apps that make it easy to listen to podcasts on your mobile device. If you’re not sure where to start, I suggest that you take a look at this chart of some of the most popular podcasts, or ask friends and colleagues what they like to listen to.

If you listen to the radio while driving a car, to audio books while on the train, or to music while working out, you should check out podcasts. If you are already a podcast listener, add your suggestions to the comment section. I’d love to know what you find interesting.

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