Mar 18, 2021

Bolster Your Time Management and Workflow Strategies for Busy Season Success

Kelli ComegysBy Kelli L. Comegys, CMP, PICPA manager of corporate programs

Under the best of circumstances, tax season is a time when organization is key. In the midst of a year-long pandemic, with new regulations related to the economic impact of the pandemic coming out on a seemingly daily basis, organization is absolutely essential.

With this in mind, PICPA premier sponsor Jetpack offers three online tips to help you streamline your processes at a time when organization and efficiency are vital.

Worker on 3 electronic devices at the same time.Wrangle Your Thoughts: 12 Effective Time Management Strategies for Accounting Firm Owners” explores time management strategies related to the growth of your firm, offering ways to improve time management skills and offering strategies for doing better work while saving time. Some of these include shifting your mindset from to-do lists to goals, blocking out time for deep work, and unplugging from distractions.

Their second piece of advice, “Increase Your Accounting Firm’s Efficiency with a Workflow Application,” delves into the importance of workflow applications, outlining how they help CPA firms in the areas of handoffs, growth, capacity, and more. It also includes best practices in the areas of introducing teams to new workflow applications and transitioning from the current processes.

How Workflow Design Works for Accounting Firms,” the third offering from Jetpack, dives into the role of workflow design in allowing firms to get a greater understanding of their overall company health, enabling faster training processes, increasing accountability, and more. It details methods for creating an optimal workflow, including process documentation and potential issues with workflow tools.

The end may be near for this tax season, but there is time to make this year and future tax seasons run smoother and ensure that your processes are stronger. Check out these blogs from Jetpack and see how they can help strengthen your firm’s tax-season strategy going forward.

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