Professional & Technical Issues

  • The New Credit Loss Standard and the CECL Model

    After almost a decade of study, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) released an accounting standard on the credit losses on financial instruments. In rethinking how credit losses should be recognized and measured, however, FASB created a standard that affects the accounting for a wide variety of financial instruments and a wide variety of entities.
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  • DOL Proposes Significant Overhaul to Form 5500

    Form 5500 is the primary documentation disclosed to participants and beneficiaries of employee benefit plans. It is an essential compliance tool for the Employee Benefits Security Administration, and it is in the process of being modernized to fit today’s plan operations and practices.
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PICPA Initiatives

  • Don’t Miss Out on Personal Financial Planning Opportunities

    The PICPA’s Personal Financial Planning Committee has been addressing the importance of PFP as a growth opportunity for many years. The surge in interest in personal financial planning has inspired new programs at the PICPA.
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  • CPAs on a Mission to Prevent Elder Financial Abuse

    Many CPAs in personal financial planning or forensic accounting can share war stories about clients or neighbors who have been taken advantage of, not only by strangers but also by family and friends. CPAs are in a position to spot potential fraud perpetrated on their clients, and the PICPA is developing resources to help identify early warning signs of elder fraud.
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CPA Exam & Licensure

Careers & Lifestyles

  • A View from the Top

    This past August, the Greater Philadelphia Women of the PICPA Committee hosted a Path to Partner panel, which spoke on their professional journey, the role mentors played in helping them along the way, and whether they feel like they’ve achieved success.
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