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Professional & Technical Issues

  • Though Medical Marijuana Is Legal in Pa., Can CPAs Ethically Serve Clients in the Cannabis Industry?

    As potential clients in the now-legal medical marijuana industry in Pennsylvania begin to call on CPAs for professional services, a conflict arises as to whether or not CPAs can serve these clients under the profession’s Code of Professional Conduct.
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  • Lessee Accounting: ASC 842 (ASU 2016-02)

    ASC 842 is a new leasing standard that is more principles-based and eliminates traditional operating lease accounting for all but short-term leases. The new standard requires lessees and lessors to classify all long-term leases on the statement of financial position. Thus, the four bright lines to distinguish between a capital lease and an operating (off balance sheet) lease that existed under ASC 840 are no longer relevant.
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PICPA Initiatives

  • Service with a Smile

    As successful CPAs, we are blessed to have a job we enjoy going to every day so that we can provide for our families. You can be part of an even greater good by contributing a few hours during the PICPA Week of Service.
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  • Improving CPAs’ Digital Profile

    Ever Google yourself? Were you disappointed that you didn’t come up in the search? If you don’t care, you should because potential clients will care if your competitors appear in a search and you don't. Find out how to increase your digital presence.
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  • New Faces Needed at Day on the Hill

    For certified public accountants, it is crucial that we make sure our voice is heard in the political process. It is important that our profession helps to influence these decisions to make sure the best policies are being implemented.
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