Professional & Technical Issues

  • ASC 606 Compliance by Private Companies Is Not Optional

    As private companies gear up to implement the new revenue guidance in ASC Topic 606, many can benefit from the experiences of public companies that implemented the standard last year. Here are some of the top lessons.
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  • Audits vs. Forensic Investigations (Part 3)

    Audits and forensic investigations are different services. They are planned and performed to accomplish unique objectives. This blog is the third part of a three-part blog that compares the roles of the auditor and the forensic accountant. It is focused on gathering evidence and reporting.
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PICPA Initiatives

  • Add Your Voice to CPA Voice

    For the PICPA to effectively be the voice of the CPA profession, we need to have a multidimensional presence in the marketplace and a digital strategy that helps consumers and small-business owners find our great information. Most of all, we need our members to help us get there.
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  • Update from the Pennsylvania Insurance Department Commissioner

    In advance of her presentation at the Nov. 28-29 PICPA Insurance Conference, Jessica K. Altman, Pennsylvania insurance commissioner, discusses some of the current initiatives and priorities of her department.
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