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Professional & Technical Issues

  • Responding to the Department of Labor Letter

    By now, your employee benefit plan clients may have received a letter from the Department of Labor (DOL), similar to this one, regarding the importance of hiring a qualified CPA. If you have not been following this issue, your immediate reaction may be shock or anger. However, it’s important to keep in mind that plan administrators are on the hook for a deficient filing.
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  • The CFO Transition: Looking Back on What it Means to Look Forward

    In transitioning to the role of CFO of the PICPA, I’ve had to develop skills beyond the normal technical expertise of a CPA. Now, instead of focusing on the past through historical financial reporting, I’m challenged to look ahead and use the financial data we have to inform strategy.
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PICPA Initiatives

  • How CPAs Can Combat the Financial Literacy Crisis

    Teens are out of touch with certain financial realities. According to a Charles Schwab survey, 59% expect to out-earn their parents, and 77% consider themselves financially savvy. Yet only 43% can balance a checkbook and only 32% know how credit card interest and fees work. This is not their fault; it’s ours.
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  • Meet the New PICPA Council and Its Big Tasks Ahead

    This year the PICPA ushered in the new governance structure approved by membership last year. At our initial meeting, Council was divided into five groups, with each group assigned to tackle one of the five significant issues facing the PICPA, our members, and, in many respects, our profession.
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  • CPAs and Politics

    To many people, the idea of CPAs being involved in politics is anathema. With our reputation for integrity and objectivity, what role is there for a CPA in politics? That’s really the point, though.
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CPA Exam & Licensure

Careers & Lifestyles

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