Professional & Technical Issues

PICPA Initiatives


  • Pennsylvania Pension Reform, Budget, and More

    June has been busy for Pennsylvania legislators. Major pension reform legislation was passed by 183 bipartisan members of the General Assembly and signed by Gov. Tom Wolf. In addition, Pennsylvania's 2017-2018 budget deadline looms, and negotiations are heating up.
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CPA Exam & Licensure

  • Time to Renew Your CPA License

    Pennsylvania CPAs: it’s time to renew your license. This year you will need to renew your license using the state’s new central licensing website, the Pennsylvania Licensing System, and the process is a bit different from past years.
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Careers & Lifestyles

  • How to Convince Your Employer that PICPA Membership Is a Great Investment

    Some PICPA members need to convince their employers each year to allow them to renew their membership, to cover the cost of it, or to provide them with time to get involved in volunteer activities. If you find yourself needing to convince a decision maker that PICPA membership is worth the time and financial investment, here are some helpful talking points.
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