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PCAOB Inches Toward Continuous Inspections

Mar 31, 2023
The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board recently issued a proposal that would revise its auditing guidance. One part of the revisions includes the stunning proposal that would require finalizing audit documentation within 14 days of engagement sign-off, down from the current 45 days.
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IRC Section 174 (a) Updates and the Implications on R&D Tax Credits

Mar 28, 2023
The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made several changes to IRC Section 174 that took effect with tax year 2022. EPSA can help fill you in on what these changes are and what they mean to the R&D tax credit.
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FASB Updates ASC 842, Leases for Common Control Arrangements

Mar 28, 2023
The Financial Accounting Standards Board released new guidance on accounting for related-party arrangements between entities under common control. This long-awaited ASC 842 guidance provides a practical expedient for arrangements between entities under common control.
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Tips from the Pennsylvania Board of Appeals

Dec 5, 2022
As CPAs know, the Board of Appeals is the first formal level in adjudication of tax, rebate, and refund appeals in Pennsylvania. This blog from the Board provides a few tips to help you navigate appeal procedures.
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The Demographic Squeeze Has Arrived in Pennsylvania

Nov 21, 2022
Pennsylvania’s Independent Fiscal Office recently published an updated demographics forecast for the state through 2030. The latest data show that state's labor force participation rates remain well below prepandemic rates.
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Positive Self-Talk to Thrive During Your Busy Season

Mar 21, 2023
If you are a CPA, whether it be in public accounting, industry, government, or the nonprofit world, you have a crunch time ... which is right now for the tax folks. Instead of shutting down or beating yourself up during these difficult times, try using positive self-talk to build up your perceived ability and efficacy to successfully navigate challenging situations.
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Networking for Introverts: Success Doesn’t Have to Feel Like a Root Canal

Feb 27, 2023
For many professionals, networking events bring back unpleasant memories of middle school, feeling vulnerable, alone, and on the outside looking in at others who seemed to know everyone else. How do we make what seems so overwhelming – or just like torture – a successful endeavor?
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