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Professional & Technical Issues

  • PICPA and Practitioner Community Urging Response to IRS Service Issues

    The IRS is a mess. It has a backlog of 6 million returns, is sending out automated warnings to taxpayers who have already filed, and can only answer 9% of its calls. The PICPA has joined with the AICPA in an attempt to reconcile the issues at the IRS.
  • 8 Do’s and Don’ts of Ransomware Prevention and Recovery

    Before you are forced to deal with the unenviable position of a ransomware attack, understand that the best way to thwart these attacks are before they happen. Stopping ransomware generally includes three key areas: cybersecurity hygiene of your employees, proper practices by your IT department, and your data backup strategy.


  • Low Profile, High Impact: Electing Pa. Judges More Vital Than You Think

    This Nov. 2, Pennsylvania voters will go to the polls to elect several judges. It’s no secret that these municipal election years tend to lack the luster of other years, but don’t fall into that sense of complacency. The decisions made during these elections will have resounding public policy impacts for years to come.
  • Collaboration Key to Pa. and N.J. Cross-State Tax Matters

    The PICPA State Tax Steering Committee and their colleagues at the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants recently met to tighten the connections between the two organizations and to work collaboratively to uncover and resolve potential cross-state tax issues.

PICPA Initiatives

  • PICPA Launches New Career Center

    PICPA's new Career Center connects members with the resources and content they need to help them excel professionally. Organized by career stage, the Career Center features an array of programs, blogs, podcasts, and professional development opportunities.

CPA Exam & Licensure

  • Reactivating Your CPA License in Pa.

    Did you miss the CPA license renewal deadline on Dec. 31, 2021? The Pennsylvania State Board of Accountancy has made changes to its renewal/reactivation process this year, so here are some key points you need to know.

Careers & Lifestyles

  • Rules for Leadership

    With the death of Secretary of State Colin Powell on Oct. 18, 2021, America lost one of our generation's great leaders. As we embark on 2022, we should refresh (or strive to learn) some of the leadership fundamentals Powell shared in his 2012 book, "It Worked for Me: In Life and Leadership."
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