Professional & Technical Issues

  • Federal Tax Committee Weighs in on Health Care Executive Order

    President Donald Trump issued an executive order on Jan. 20, 2017, regarding the Patient Protection and Care Act. It has raised several tax questions. This blog explains PICPA's position regarding 2016 federal personal income tax returns that calculate a penalty for not having mandated health insurance (the shared responsibility payment).
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  • The New Credit Loss Standard and the CECL Model

    After almost a decade of study, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) released an accounting standard on the credit losses on financial instruments. In rethinking how credit losses should be recognized and measured, however, FASB created a standard that affects the accounting for a wide variety of financial instruments and a wide variety of entities.
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PICPA Initiatives

  • The Technical Resources in Your CPA Network

    At the PICPA we have nearly 1,400 volunteers who give back to the profession through volunteer service on committees, on task forces, or through leadership positions. Many serve on technical committees that do long-range planning for conferences and the Pennsylvania CPA Journal, while others provide webinar programs, blogs, and podcasts to provide immediate updates.
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  • PICPA’s Mother’s Day Gift

    The PICPA Women’s Leadership Conference is charged with positive energy and support. There’s a type of “sisterhood” that you get when the speakers place an emphasis on how current issues uniquely affect women. Attendance is a gift ... a Mother's Day gift, in fact.
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  • PICPA Joins New Legal Reform Group

    Earlier this year, a diverse group of individuals and organizations, including the PICPA, created a new civil-justice-focused advocacy organization: The Pennsylvania Coalition for Civil Justice Reform.
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CPA Exam & Licensure

Careers & Lifestyles

  • How to Convince Your Employer that PICPA Membership Is a Great Investment

    Some PICPA members need to convince their employers each year to allow them to renew their membership, to cover the cost of it, or to provide them with time to get involved in volunteer activities. If you find yourself needing to convince a decision maker that PICPA membership is worth the time and financial investment, here are some helpful talking points.
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