Triple Win: Firm Ambassadors Benefit Members, Their Firms, and the PICPA
Nov 14, 2022

Triple Win: Firm Ambassadors Benefit Members, Their Firms, and the PICPA

Allie PeplauBy Allie Peplau, PICPA manager of public accounting programs

The PICPA Firm Ambassador program launched in 2020 to provide our members with opportunities to foster connections between young CPAs, their professional networks, and the PICPA. The PICPA is happy to welcome our 2022-2024 Firm Ambassador associates. Now that they have been accepted into the program, these Firm Ambassadors will be given resources to grow as leaders within their firms while also promoting engagement with the PICPA among their peers.

Young CPAs meeting in a light and casual environmentSince the program’s inception, more than 40 Firm Ambassadors throughout the state have recruited new PICPA members, attended local PICPA events with their colleagues, written both CPA Now blogs and Pennsylvania CPA Journal articles, shared PICPA events and resources on social media, and much more. We are excited to work with a new class of ambassadors and continue this partnership between young leaders at Pennsylvania firms and the PICPA.

Here is a quick overview of some of the benefits for both ambassadors and their employers.

Benefits for the Firm Ambassador:
  • Recognition as a leader within their firms and professional communities
  • Exclusive insight on PICPA initiatives and events
  • Recognition at various local and statewide events
  • Exclusive networking opportunities with industry leaders and peers
  • Opportunities to influence the value of PICPA membership and enhance the vitality of the profession
Benefits for the Firm Ambassador's Employer:
  • A stronger relationship between the firm and the PICPA
  • Promotion of the firm's investment in furthering employees’ professional and personal development through PICPA membership and related benefits  
  • Opportunities to identify future firm leaders  

If you are interested in joining the Firm Ambassador program, or nominating someone at your firm, applications are still open! Visit the Firm Ambassador webpage and navigate to the Firm Ambassador Nomination Form at the bottom. Please reach out to India Taylor with any questions about the program.

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