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CPA Exam Scholarships

PICPA's CPA Exam Scholarships help cover some of the costs associated with taking the CPA Exam. Scholarships of $500 are awarded to PICPA members who best meet the following requirements.

How to Apply

Online applications are accepted each year during the following windows; the application link will be live once the window opens:


To be eligible to apply, candidates must:

  • Be a PICPA Student Affiliate, Associate member, or Accounting Affiliate member.*
  • Be a US citizen and permanent Pennsylvania resident.
  • Be pre-approved to test by NASBA (you must have a bachelor's degree to be approved to test) and agree to sit for at least one part within six months of the date on the application approval letter.**
  • Not have already completed all four parts of the exam, but may have completed zero to three parts.
  • Not be receiving scholarship, grant, or other funding that would cover exam fees, and not receiving reimbursement from an employer or other source at the time of application. Those who have received funding in the past but no longer have current funding may still be eligible. Contact the PICPA Member Relations Team at (215) 496-9272 or membership@picpa.org with questions.
  • Not be a previous winner of the CPA Exam Scholarship.

*If you are not a member or are unsure of your member status, please contact membership@picpa.org or visit www.picpa.org/join.

**Applicants must submit a copy of the Notice to Schedule AND a copy of the receipt for payment of the application fee, as well any exam fees with your application (copy of credit card statement is acceptable). These copies can be submitted as attachments (PDF format is recommended) at the end of the application.


Contact the Member Relations Team at (215) 496-9272 or membership@picpa.org.