Inspire Future CPAs in the Classroom

The Pennsylvania CPA Foundation Presents Financial Literacy Programs for Students

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Pennsylvania CPA Foundation

Why did you become a CPA? Was it a parent? A teacher? A friend?

Students with a strong financial foundation and early exposure to accounting make for promising CPA candidates. You too can become an inspirational force by becoming a CPA role model.

Here's How It Works

  • Assemble a team of CPA instructors. 
  • Consider reaching out to a high school or middle school in your area and offering to present financial literacy to classes.
  • Contact Mylin Batipps Jr. at
  • Choose from PICPA's presentations below and commit to at least three visits. Sessions typically last an hour. There's no pressure to create materials; all have been prepared by the PICPA.

Teachers interested in bringing CPAs to their schools may contact Mylin Batipps Jr. at

Teaching Students about Money and Careers

Inspire Future CPAs

Real-World Math for Junior CPAs
(Middle School)

Teach budgeting basics and tell students about life as a CPA. Suggest a student-operated business as a final project. 

PICPA Real World Math middle school picture
Real World Math Middle School picture

Session I

Budgeting Part I  Worksheet |  Presentation

Session II

Budgeting Part II  Worksheet  |  Presentation

Session III

Let's Go Shopping   Worksheet  | Presentation

Session IV

Careers & Life  Worksheet  | Presentation 

Session V

Setting Up a Business  Worksheet  |  Activity Guide

Real-World Math for Accounting Scholars
(High School)

Help students take on more financial responsibility and prepare for college. What do a professional sports team, fashion label, and restaurant chain have in common? All need CPAs! Outline the many paths to a career in accounting. 

Real World Math high school
Real World Math high school picture

Session I

Budgeting and Establishing Financial Priorities   Presentation AND/OR
Budgeting 101   Worksheet 1  |  Worksheet 2  |  Speaker's Guide 

Session II

Credit Cards Presentation  AND/OR  
Good Debt vs. Bad Debt  Presentation

Session III

Financial Tips for College Presentation  AND/OR 
You’re Going to College: Now What?  Presentation

Session IV

Accounting: Is It for You? Presentation
Host Students at Your Office

Hosting the final session at your firm will leave students with a powerful impression of the CPA profession.
The PICPA will cover the school's transportation costs for a visit.

 "After visiting ParenteBeard [Baker Tilly], many students are considering careers as CPAs. This is a world where they had no contact before. Now they see this as an attainable consideration."

 -Sue Edelman, advanced math teacher, St. Martin de Porress School

Bank On It: Interactive Accounting Game from the AICPA

This free online board game features more than 1,000 questions inspired by content in accounting textbooks. Students are challenged to balance a checkbook, interpret credit scores, and make sound investments.

Educators and presenters are encouraged to use this as a supplementary resource.