Inspire Future CPAs in the Classroom

The Pennsylvania CPA Foundation Presents Financial Literacy Programs for Students

Presented by:
Pennsylvania CPA Foundation

Why did you become a CPA? Was it a parent? A teacher? A friend?

Students with a strong financial foundation and early exposure to accounting make for promising CPA candidates. You too can become an inspirational force by becoming a CPA role model.

Here's How It Works

  • Assemble a team of CPA instructors. 
  • Consider reaching out to a high school or middle school in your area and offering to present financial literacy to classes.
  • Contact Megan Swick at
  • Choose from PICPA's presentations below and commit to at least three visits. Sessions typically last an hour. There's no pressure to create materials; all have been prepared by the PICPA.

Teachers interested in bringing CPAs to their schools may contact Megan Swick at

Teaching Students about Money and Careers

Inspire Future CPAs

Real-World Math for Junior CPAs
(Middle School)

Teach budgeting basics and tell students about life as a CPA. Suggest a student-operated business as a final project. 

PICPA Real World Math middle school picture
Real World Math Middle School picture

Session I

Budgeting Part I  Worksheet |  Presentation

Session II

Budgeting Part II  Worksheet  |  Presentation

Session III

Let's Go Shopping   Worksheet  | Presentation

Session IV

Careers & Life  Worksheet  | Presentation 

Session V

Setting Up a Business  Worksheet  |  Activity Guide

Real-World Math for Accounting Scholars
(High School)

Help students take on more financial responsibility and prepare for college. What do a professional sports team, fashion label, and restaurant chain have in common? All need CPAs! Outline the many paths to a career in accounting. 

Real World Math high school
Real World Math high school picture

Session I

Budgeting and Establishing Financial Priorities   Presentation AND/OR
Budgeting 101   Worksheet 1  |  Worksheet 2  |  Speaker's Guide 

Session II

Credit Cards Presentation  AND/OR  
Good Debt vs. Bad Debt  Presentation

Session III

Financial Tips for College Presentation  AND/OR 
You’re Going to College: Now What?  Presentation

Session IV

Accounting: Is It for You? Presentation
Host Students at Your Office

Hosting the final session at your firm will leave students with a powerful impression of the CPA profession.
The PICPA will cover the school's transportation costs for a visit.

 "After visiting ParenteBeard [Baker Tilly], many students are considering careers as CPAs. This is a world where they had no contact before. Now they see this as an attainable consideration."

 -Sue Edelman, advanced math teacher, St. Martin de Porress School

Bank On It: Interactive Accounting Game from the AICPA

This free online board game features more than 1,000 questions inspired by content in accounting textbooks. Students are challenged to balance a checkbook, interpret credit scores, and make sound investments.

Educators and presenters are encouraged to use this as a supplementary resource.