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If Contemplating Outsourcing, Consider These Risk Management Tips

Nov 7, 2023
When considering outsourcing, due diligence is a critical first step. CPAs are responsible for protecting their clients’ data and need to ensure that any third party has appropriate security protocols and safeguards. This blog discusses some vital risk management considerations when outsourcing.
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Avoiding the Medicare Mistakes Often Made by Financial Planners

Nov 6, 2023
Even seasoned professionals can stumble when navigating the complex territory of health care planning. This blog equips CPAs with several strategies for avoiding some common Medicare pitfalls.
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Foreign Trusts: Income Tax and the Nonresident Noncitizen Grantor

Oct 31, 2023
If a nonresident noncitizen (NRNC) funds a foreign trust for the benefit of a U.S. person, the trust will be treated as either a foreign grantor trust or a foreign nongrantor trust for U.S. income tax purposes. The rules are complex. Read this blog to clarify some important points related to these trusts.
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