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Nurturing Success: Mentoring in a Public Accounting Firm

Dec 26, 2023
The importance of mentoring in accounting cannot be overstated. Yes, mentoring plays a pivotal role in shaping the professional growth of employees, but it is also a mutual relationship where both the mentor and mentee benefit.
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Digital Products and Services Tax Unclear at Best

Dec 19, 2023
Most states with a sales tax impose it on some forms of digital products or software. But within the past decade, some states have enacted statutes that not only redefine software as tangible personal property, but also broaden their definition of taxable tangible personal property or taxable services. This has left service providers and business consumers wondering whether or not they should subject their individual services to tax.
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Prioritizing Data through the Lens of a Finance Professional

Dec 18, 2023
Deloitte's Sandy Pfeffer shares her thoughts on harnessing the power of data and the firm's recent report, "It’s Time to Get Serious about Data." Pfeffer pointedly asks, are you taking data seriously and enabling your business to make sensible decisions?
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