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The Pennsylvania CPA-PAC Allows CPAs to Drive Their Own Destiny

May 30, 2023
The PICPA has a political action committee to serve the unique interests of CPAs in Pennsylvania’s political process. A dedicated PAC might come as a surprise to many PICPA members, but it’s true.
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PICPA Small Firm Alliance Offers Tools to Help Build Your Success

May 17, 2023
PICPA’s Small Firm Alliance provides small firms and sole practitioners with the support features that can be hard to come by in firms of their size. This blog shares some of the benefits to which Small Firm Alliance members have access.
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Accounting Firms at a Crossroads: New Research in Pa. Points the Way Forward

May 2, 2023
Accounting firms in Pennsylvania are under a lot of pressure, and leaders are concerned about the future of their firms and the profession as a whole. This is why Insights, PICPA’s research function, commissioned a study of Pennsylvania accounting firms to gain a better understanding of how the profession is addressing its challenges.
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Join Us for PICPA’s 126th Annual Meeting

Apr 18, 2023
Clear May 16-18 on your calendar, and plan to come to Pittsburgh for PICPA's 126th Annual Meeting. Catch up with your peers, meet leaders in the profession, and hear from experts on the state of the accounting profession.
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IRC Section 174 (a) Updates and the Implications on R&D Tax Credits

Mar 28, 2023
The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made several changes to IRC Section 174 that took effect with tax year 2022. EPSA can help fill you in on what these changes are and what they mean to the R&D tax credit.
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