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The PICPA Insights project will produce research, analysis, and resources on cutting-edge issues impacting the accounting profession. The project will survey PICPA members across targeted segments, including within public accounting and corporate finance, and produce results for firm, company, and organization benchmarking. Insights will feature analysis of these results from subject matter experts and include resources such as white papers, podcasts, and microsites to help members level up on these critical issues. Workshops will provide members the opportunity to enhance their learning on these subjects while also connecting with their peers.  

The State of Pennsylvania Accounting Firms in 2023: How Does Your Firm Measure Up?

An increase in mergers, staffing shortages, and client expectations have significantly changed the accounting firm landscape. How are firms staffed? Are they leveraging technology more to address shortages? What services are they offering?.

CPA firms in Pennsylvania are breaking from convention. PICPA Insights’ second project illustrates how firms are embracing new business models, digital technology, and methods to rebuild a lagging talent pipeline. Explore these findings and analysis in The State of Pennsylvania Accounting Firms in 2023 white paper and see how your firm ranks against the competition.

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