2021 CPA-PAC Annual Report

Dear Donors and Friends,

We offer our most sincere thanks for your contribution to the CPA-PAC in 2021. As we move further into the 2020s, it is amazing to reflect on how far we have come. As indicated in the 2018 CPA-PAC Annual Report, we brought in $180,000 that year; we’ve increased annual funding by almost $35,000 the past three years. Pennsylvania has one of the few full-time legislatures, which means critical issues for the profession and the business community are considered year-round. And those who make the decisions listen to the PICPA and CPA-PAC. With you, our valued PICPA members and contributors, we have been able to constantly shape our profession for the better.

CPA-PAC fundraising excelled last year, bringing in nearly $214,000, which is a remarkable display of industry support and political advocacy. All funding comes from voluntary contributions made by CPAs like you.

As always, CPA-PAC distributions were given with careful reflection and in a bipartisan fashion to those who demonstrated a commitment to the CPA profession. It is important to note that the PICPA is always thoughtful, deliberate, and prudent in its political investments. As the only political action committee to specifically represent CPAs in Pennsylvania, we strive to follow the mission on which we were founded—support candidates who uphold sound economic approaches as outlined in PICPA’s Guiding Principles of Good Tax Policy.

We could not have achieved our fundraising success without the leadership of our CPA-PAC board and the individual members and firms who contribute. We have earned a seat at the table, garnering the respect and time of Pennsylvania’s political leaders, and it is a direct result of our combined efforts.

Thank you for your support!


Cheri H. Freeh, CPA

Jennifer Cryder
Jennifer Cryder, CPA

Impact of the CPA-PAC in 2021


Financial Analysis


2021 Contribution Totals

Total Raised: $214,000

Individuals: $58,00
Small to Medium-Size Firms: $57,000
Large Firms: $99,000

$207,000 was disbursed to support the campaigns of legislative candidates who endorsed positions favorable to PICPA members, as well as legislative committees. Contribution requests were considered on a case-by-case basis and addressed in a bipartisan manner.

Contribution totals are rounded. 

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