May 14, 2018

Get Noticed with These Tips from a Recruiter

Lesley BrownBy Lesley Brown, Pennsylvania CPA Foundation marketing administrator

Ryan Onushco, a senior recruiter with Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP in Philadelphia, took part in PICPA’s most recent career profile video. In it, Ryan offered tips for students looking to go into the accounting field, advising them on how to stand out from the crowd and how to set themselves up for success. His advice isn’t limited to students, though, as it is also relevant for professionals at any stage of their career who want to get noticed by a potential employer.

Ryan Onushco: Career profile videoIf planning to apply Ryan’s advice to help further your career – and you should – there are many ways PICPA membership can help you.

First Impressions Matter

  • Your résumé of past experiences might look similar to others’. But being a PICPA member can help set you apart. True differentiation, though, comes from personal interaction and the way you connect with others. The Pennsylvania CPA Foundation provides students with a Networking Starter Kit to help build confidence in this area.
  • Practice makes perfect! Put yourself out there. Chapter networking and social events give you low-stress opportunities to practice your skills.
  • Be strategic with your interactions. Find the place where you fit in and feel comfortable. This can be through selectivity when searching for a job, or through carefully building your inner circle and seeking out mentors and relationships to help you flourish.

Skills Will Set You Apart

  • Developing technical (IT, MIS, etc.) abilities and learning to become more comfortable with public speaking are two vital skills that will burnish your profile. Participating on PICPA committees gives you a chance to develop these skills and interests, and provides exclusive opportunities to learn from your peers.

Social Media Aware

  • On social media, assume that everybody can see everything. That includes friends, family, recruiters, and your boss. Don’t let improprieties sink your career.
  • Use social media to your advantage instead. Make sure you optimize your profile on sites such as LinkedIn before connecting with others. Use a professional photo and expand on your past experiences. Adding volunteer and association activities is a great way to build up your profile. Connect with fellow PICPA members and join our PICPA LinkedIn group to start building your online network.


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