Outstanding Accounting Educator Award

The Outstanding Accounting Educator Program is designed to salute full-time Pennsylvania college and university accounting educators who have distinguished themselves in the classroom setting and are actively involved in the accounting profession. Educators who are noted for their teaching abilities, but are now predominantly involved in administration or research, are also eligible for the award. Retired faculty members may also be nominated.

Nomination Deadline: May 1, 2022


  • Full-time accounting educator at a Pennsylvania college or university or an educator who is noted for their teaching abilities but are now predominately involved in administration or research. 
  • Distinguished for excellence in classroom teaching as evidenced through instructional innovations, student and peer evaluations and active engagement in practical learning opportunities for students. 
  • Demonstrated contributions to the accounting profession by active involvement in professional activities, such as, participation in professional accounting organizations.

Who Can Nominate

  • PICPA members (active, associate, accounting affiliate, and student affiliate members) 
  • College or university faculty members 
  • Department chairs 
  • Academic deans
For further information about the Outstanding Educator Award, email the Pennsylvania CPA Foundation team at schools@picpa.org or call (888) 272-2001. 

Nominee Information

Nominator Information

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Reasons for Nomination

Please provide answers as a separate document with supporting material.

  1. Why did you nominate this professor for the Outstanding Educator Award?
  2. How does this professor stand out among other professors?
  3. Name some of the nominee’s distinguished achievements (if known).
  4. Describe the nominee’s characteristics that have set a positive example for his/her students.
  5. Describe how you feel the nominee proved excellence in classroom teaching as evidence through instructional innovations, the ability to motivate students and active engagement in practical learning opportunities for students.
  6. Other comments that you feel the judges should know about the nominee.
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