Employee Benefits Plan Committee

The Employee Benefits Plan Committee serves as an advocate for the PICPA members in the EBP community. The overall objective of the Committee is to monitor recent issues and changes impacting the employee benefit plan community and communicate relevant information to the membership to support a high quality employee benefit plan environment in Pennsylvania. In addition, many members of the Committee find great value in the networking opportunities, discussing practice issues, and soliciting ideas from other members. The Committee plans and presents events through the year, including the annual conference, webinars, and other events. In addition, the Committee is responsible for submitting articles, columns, and other resources to the Pennsylvania CPA Journal, CPA Now (PICPA’s blog series), and the PICPA website. Members may also be called upon to help provide content to CPA Conversations (PICPA's podcast series).

View all committee opportunities or chat with the PICPA Resource Center through the chat function at the bottom of the screen or call (215) 496-9272.