Firm Ambassadors

An Elite Group of Young Professionals

Firm Ambassadors serve as dynamic liaisons, facilitating communication and collaboration between their firms and the wider professional landscape. Through their active engagement and strategic initiatives, they not only amplify the presence of their firms within the PICPA community but also contribute to the collective growth and advancement of the accounting industry as a whole.

By leveraging their expertise and connections, they spearhead initiatives that benefit both their firms and the broader profession, fostering a culture of innovation, excellence, and continuous learning. Their dedication to excellence and their ability to forge strong relationships make them invaluable assets, contributing significantly to the collective success and advancement of the accounting industry.

Young CPAs meeting in a light and casual environment

Benefits of Becoming a Firm Ambassador

  • Recognition as a leader within your firm and your professional community 
  • Exclusive insight on PICPA initiatives and programs 
  • Recognition at various local and statewide events 
  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders and peers 

Benefits for the Firm Ambassador's Employer

  • Opportunities to identify future firm leaders 
  • A stronger relationship between your firm and the PICPA 
  • Promotion of your firm's investment in furthering employees’ professional and personal development

Responsibilities of a Firm Ambassador 

  • Two-year term 
  • Promote upcoming PICPA events, programs, and opportunities to firm colleagues 
  • Attend PICPA events (virtual or in-person) and bring firm colleagues with you 
  • Share continuous feedback and ideas to ensure the relevancy and vitality of the Firm Ambassador program 
  • Attend regular check-in calls with the Firm Ambassador group 
  • Schedule or conduct new-hire orientation and intern training programs to introduce this group to the benefits of PICPA membership (The presentation will be provided by the PICPA) 
  • Be equipped to convey PICPA's mission and vision

Eligibility Requirements 

  • PICPA membership in good standing
  • Senior level or higher at your firm

Interested in Becoming a Firm Ambassador?

Fill in the application below with your information, or nominate a colleague.


Contact India Taylor at or (215) 972-6259

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