State Taxation Steering Committee

The PICPA State Taxation Steering Committee (STSC) serves as a liaison on state and local tax matters between certified public accountants who are members of PICPA and government authorities.  The STSC provides state lawmakers, regulators, and the public with strategic leadership and technical expertise on state and local tax issues that impact the members of PICPA.  The steering committee reviews legislation and regulations of interest to PICPA members, meets with the Department of Revenue (DOR) and other local taxing authorities to address issues that affect the practitioner community, serves as a vehicle to receive, and disseminate tax information on a timely basis, works on an annual Tax Guide for state legislators, and plans a state tax conference.

Membership Requirements
STSC members are appointed by PICPA leadership and should have significant knowledge of the laws, rules, and regulations governing the practice of public accounting. Members should be willing to participate actively in reviewing and commenting on draft legislation and releases from the Department of Revenue, sharing with other members of the committee, tax developments and issues to which they become aware, participating in the annual meeting with the DOR.  Contacts with legislators and regulators would be an added benefit.

General Duties

Disseminate to the public and to members information relating to state and local taxation, and aid in developing a stronger public understanding of the CPA profession’s competence in taxation.

Testify at state House and Senate committee meetings on general interest tax topics.

In conjunction with the PICPA legislative staff, the committee on a continual basis does the following:
• Reviews and evaluates existing laws, rules, and regulations for appropriateness in the practice of public accounting.
• Proactively recommends amendments and changes to existing legislation and regulations.
• Reviews and evaluates proposed legislation, rules, and regulations for the effect on the practice of public accounting.
• Committee members pose questions to the DOR via email to be answered during liaison meetings.

Maintain involvement in one or more subcommittees/working groups. They are as follows:
1. Sales & Use Tax (SUT) Thought Leadership
2. Corporation Taxes Thought Leadership
3. Personal Income Tax (PIT) Thought Leadership
4. Pass-Through Thought Leadership
5. Local Tax Thought Leadership Group
6. Tax Administrative Thought Leadership 
7. Liaison with the DOR Thought Leadership (By invitation only)

Meetings take place three times annually. Q&A sessions with the DOR are conducted quarterly. All State Taxation Committee members may attend the annual meeting with the DOR. Additional committee meetings are held via conference call when urgent feedback is needed. Input is also frequently requested via email. Thought Leadership Committees convene on an as-needed basis.

Our most engaged members are invited to join steering committees. If you are interested in learning more about the State Taxation Steering Committee please contact Jim DeLuccia at .

View all committee opportunities or chat with the PICPA Resource Center through the chat function at the bottom of the screen or call (215) 496-9272.