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    Pennsylvania Income Tax Policy: A Comparison to Other States

    Drew VandenBrul, CPA, explores some of the areas where Pennsylvania income tax policy remains an outlier among other states and the possible adjustments needed to better align personal and corporate net income taxes.
  • The Rise of the State and Local Tax Specialist

    A career in state and local tax can be challenging but also rewarding. With 50 states, the District of Columbia, and thousands of localities, there are numerous types of state and local taxes, including income, nonincome-based entity taxes (gross receipts, franchise), sales and use, real and personal property, excise, transfer, and many other industry-specific taxes. Pennsylvania alone has about 34 state-level taxes.

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Capstan - Tax Saving Opportunities for Tangible Property and Other Fixed Assets

In the face of growing tax code complexity, it's almost impossible to cover every area with in-house resources. For expertise in understanding and applying the myriad of complexities with the Tangible Property regulations and other IRS Code impacting commercial real estate, turn to Capstan Tax Stategies.

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  • Flexing State Tax Muscle: The Evisceration of Public Law 86-272

    U.S. Public Law 86-272 provides enormous protection from state income tax in instances where a company has limited activities within a state. If a taxpayer falls within the scope of the federal law, it will not be subject to a particular state’s income tax. However, there has been an uptick in states challenging taxpayers’ protection claims under Public Law 86-272 , so much so that some see an attempt to eviscerate it.
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  • Mandatory Amortization of Research Expenses: What CPAs Must Know

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018 contained a provision mandating that, beginning in tax year 2022, Section 174 expenses must be amortized over five years, or 15 years in the case of foreign R&E, and may no longer be immediately deducted. There are several implications to this change.
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  • IRS Additional Funding: What’s that Mean for CPAs?

    Earlier this spring, the IRS unveiled its much-anticipated plan on how it will spend the $80 billion it was allocated under the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. Find out more about its goals and timetables covering areas such as operations support, enforcement, taxpayer services, and technology modernization.
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