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Financial Literacy Joins High School Curriculum to Create a Stronger Citizenry

Feb 13, 2024
An alarming number of high school graduates enter adulthood and the workforce without the appropriate knowledge of basic financial concepts. To help alleviate this crisis in knowledge, Pennsylvania high schools now have a new graduation requirements: completion of a personal financial economics course. State Sen. Chris Gebhard discusses the need for this step and what he hopes will be accomplished through the new law.
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Tax Insurance to Gain Comfort with Gray Tax Positions

Feb 12, 2024
When a gray tax position is challenged by the IRS or another taxing authority, taxpayers and CPAs incur a risk for increased tax, penalty, and interest. One tool that may help taxpayers mitigate these risks is tax insurance.
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Use Personal Rituals to Fuel the Creative Process

Feb 5, 2024
Sometimes we need to trick ourselves into being ready to do difficult work. There are psychological games we can play on ourselves to help us get unstuck and in the mood to do something. Rituals are one of those psychological tools we have at our disposal.
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