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Remote Work: A Choice for Efficiency Then and Now

Jan 9, 2024
The idea of working remotely has been around for years. One famous businessman, in fact, put the concept to work in the 1960s. Though some may be longing for the "good old days," remote work has been and will continue to be beneficial.
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Where Are All the CPAs? The Crisis and Opportunity of Rebuilding the Accounting Pipeline

Jan 8, 2024
In its most recent Insights white paper, the PICPA takes a measured, data-grounded look at the dearth of incoming accounting talent. More importantly, the study offers new perspectives and potential solutions to help rebuild and strengthen the process of growing new accounting talent.
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Pennsylvania’s Savings Reach an All-Time High

Jan 2, 2024
The Pennsylvania Independent Fiscal Office recently released its annual five-year economic and budget outlook. The Commonwealth will have $13.8 billion in savings that could support future spending or be held as savings to mitigate the impact of any future recessions.
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