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Pa. Office of Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate: How We Can Help CPAs

Dec 4, 2023
Some tax professionals and CPAs may not be familiar with Pennsylvania's Office of Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate. This blog shares an overview of the OTRA and the work that it does on behalf of taxpayers and their advisers.
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Manage the Stress Points of Problematic Tax Clients and Reduce Your Risk

Nov 28, 2023
As tax season approaches, remember that tax-related matters constitute a majority of claims against accounting firms. Addressing and managing the stress points associated with problematic clients can significantly improve a firm’s risk profile.
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IRS Offers an Out for False ERC Claims: Now Is the Time for Review

Nov 27, 2023
The IRS has repeatedly warned businesses about improper Employee Retention Credit (ERC) filings and the threat of unscrupulous ERC advisers. The IRS announced that it is providing guidance for withdrawing erroneous ERCs so that businesses that were misled about eligibility have a path to remediate improper claims and avoid potential penalties.
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