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Financial Literacy Joins High School Curriculum to Create a Stronger Citizenry

Feb 13, 2024
An alarming number of high school graduates enter adulthood and the workforce without the appropriate knowledge of basic financial concepts. To help alleviate this crisis in knowledge, Pennsylvania high schools now have a new graduation requirements: completion of a personal financial economics course. State Sen. Chris Gebhard discusses the need for this step and what he hopes will be accomplished through the new law.
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Pennsylvania’s Savings Reach an All-Time High

Jan 2, 2024
The Pennsylvania Independent Fiscal Office recently released its annual five-year economic and budget outlook. The Commonwealth will have $13.8 billion in savings that could support future spending or be held as savings to mitigate the impact of any future recessions.
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Understanding “Requests for Compromise” at the Pa. Board of Appeals

Nov 14, 2023
One important tool that can be of use to CPAs in the appeal of taxes, rebates, or refunds is the Pennsylvania Board of Appeals' Request for Compromise. This blog explains the process and how a Request for Compromise could help you better serve your clients.
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PICPA-Supported Tax Proposals in Play as Legislative Year Winds Down

Sep 25, 2023
The Pennsylvania General Assembly’s fall session is in full swing. Lawmakers have an array of tax measures potentially still in play as final bills for the year are being considered. Several have all been developed in coordination with the PICPA State Tax Thought Leadership Committee and subcommittees.
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Pennsylvania's Local Tax Structure and the Imperative Need for Reform

Aug 8, 2023
With a complex system covering various taxes at the local level, Pennsylvania faces challenges when it comes to fairness, efficiency, and economic growth. There is an urgent need for reform Pennsylvania’s local tax structure to ensure a more equitable and sustainable system.
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