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Digital-Only Bonus Edition

Read about the changing nature of CPA careers in a business landscape shaped by technology and an evolving workforce. This special, digital-only publication includes features on the CPA Evolution Project, the evolving role of tax professionals, diversity and inclusion in the accounting industry, tips for progressing as a manager, and so much more.



The CPA Evolution Project: Preparing the Profession for the Future 

By Jerry J. Maginnis, CPA, and David D. Wagaman, CPA

Provides an update on the CPA Evolution Project, an effort by the AICPA and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy to transform the CPA Licensure model. Dives into detail on the five guiding principles of the group and the proposed changes to the licensure model.



Embrace the Evolving Role of the Tax Professional

By Walter N. Gavula

Takes a human resources perspective on the way the landscape is changing for tax professionals, focusing on three areas that have been affected: leadership accountability, upskilling, and alternative work arrangements.




Millennials, Diversity, and the Accounting Profession

By Cory Ng, CPA, DBA, CGMA

Alerts business leaders to the need to be intentional about attracting, retaining, and developing millennial workers of diverse backgrounds. Covers the characteristics of millennials and explores the difference between diversity and inclusion.



Navigating a Life in Public Accounting

By Lauren M. Lear, CPA

Details a day in the life for a CPA working in public accounting, giving advice on the principles new employees must keep in mind, such as keeping the focus on customer service at all times and leveraging new technology to help manage tasks.

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Preparing for a Successful Transition from Public Accounting

By Jack Cavanaugh, CPA

Explores best practices for making a successful transition from public accounting if that is the choice you make regarding your career. Among the tips provided are being proactive about your career desires and engaging an industry-specialized recruiter.




A Public Accounting Return after Industry

By Kevin McMonagle, CPA

Discusses the successes and challenges he experienced upon returning to public accounting after a stint in business and industry. Among the aspects discussed are work-life balance and managing multiple clients and client teams.




New Managers: Cultivate These Core Leadership Skills

By Kathy Gutierrez, MSHRD, CPLP, PHR

Identifies important growth points for CPAs who have reached the position of manager in the public accounting sphere. Among the areas pinpointed are strategic thinking, influence, and decision making.




Ethics Reminders for New CPAs

By Troy Cannode, CPA

Takes a look at the ethical considerations new CPAs have to keep in the front of their minds as they enter their new profession. Explores the fundamental principles of the code of ethics, such as integrity and objectivity.




In an M&A Deal, Buyers Often Have a Succession Plan Too

By Ira S. Rosenbloom, CPA (inactive)

Explains that the question of succession need not only be considered by people looking to leave the profession, but also by those who are looking to further their careers and security. Among the succession concerns identified for possible buyers in a merger or acquisition are timing and selectivity.



Strengthen Your Communication Skills for Ongoing Success

By Jonna L. Martin

Discusses ways by which emerging CPAs can improve their communications skills, including assuming positive intent, anticipating the best result, and choosing the correct method of communication.