Jan 15, 2020

PICPA’s CPA Conversations: Celebrate Our 100,000 Downloads Milestone

William HayesBy William J. Hayes, managing editor, Pennsylvania CPA Journal

When the PICPA released its first CPA Conversations podcast in June 2016, it was part of our continuing goal to offer our membership valuable content in whatever medium they personally prefer. Some members enjoy flipping the pages of the Pennsylvania CPA Journal, while others like checking in on our online blogs a couple times a week. Then there are those who prefer consuming information in a different way; one that could be performed while going for a run or doing the dishes or taking the dog for a walk. So, when we launched our podcast it was with a sit-down with myself and cohost Jim DeLuccia, where we talked about what the podcast was going to be all about, including the different topics to be explored, the benefits it would bring to CPAs, and ways PICPA members could help make the podcasts more effective.

We’re happy to say that the audience has responded positively to the content that we have provided, which leads us to our reason for this blog: to celebrate our recently surpassing the 100,000 downloads mark for CPA Conversations podcasts. Subject matter experts – both PICPA members and nonmembers – jumped at the opportunity to share their expertise. So many, in fact, that the podcast quickly moved from a biweekly schedule to once-per-week releases. At the time of this writing, we had posted 205 podcasts on topics as varied as data analytics to bolstering your talent recruitment efforts to the prevention of elder financial fraud.

To celebrate the achievement, we created a special podcast where we brought back guests from our most popular episodes to revisit the subjects they covered and examine what has changed or stayed the same. The topics covered on the podcast include everything from tax reform to client accounting services to revenue recognition. Guests include both PICPA members and luminaries from outside our member rolls. Make sure to take a listen to this special podcast. You don’t want to miss it.

A Gold 10If you have a little extra time and would like to listen to our 10 most popular podcasts, we listed them here for you. From 10 to 1, these are the discussions we feature on our special 100,000 downloads podcast.

10. “Early Adopters Confront the Challenges of Revenue Recognition” with Rob Peters of Intelligize.

9. “Spreading Awareness of the CPA Credential” with PICPA member Kristin Seeger of Kreischer Miller.

8. “The Forensic CPA’s Role in Piercing the Corporate Veil” with PICPA member Erik Ringoen with Forensic Resolutions Inc.

7. “Analyzing Tax Reform Changes to the Pass-Through Income Deduction” with PICPA member Barry Groebel of Herbein + Company Inc.

6. “A Plan to Replace All School Property Tax in Pa.” with PICPA member and Pennsylvania State Rep. Frank Ryan.

5. “The Power of the 179D Deduction” with Bruce Johnson of Capstan Tax Strategies.

4. “The Dangers of Accepting a Counteroffer” with PICPA member Brandon Saylor of The Atlantic Group.

3. “CPA Ethics and the Media” with PICPA member Ed Jenkins of Pennsylvania State University.

2. “Prospects for Tax Reform Under the Trump Administration” with PICPA member Bob Duquette of Lehigh University.

1. “CAS Is Cash: Client Accounting Services Open Up New Revenue Streams for Firms” with Hitendra Patil of AccountantsWorld.

A wholehearted thank-you goes out to the guests of these most downloaded podcasts, but also to all the experts who appeared on the podcast and helped to make it a success. And we would be remiss if we didn’t thank you, our loyal listeners. We hope you found as many intriguing moments on CPA Conversations as we did. But 100,000 downloads are not the end: it’s just the beginning. Keep tuning in for informative podcasts every Monday. If you have yet to listen to a CPA Conversations podcast, make sure to check out our archive to find a topic of interest. As noted earlier, there is plenty to choose from.

If you have an idea for a podcast or would like to appear as a guest, we’d love to hear from you. Make sure to email us at content@picpa.org.

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