Corporate Finance Alliance

Who is in CFA? PICPA members in Pennsylvania who work in corporate finance and are interested in being a link between the PICPA and other corporate finance professionals in the area.

What will be the role of CFA? To promote PICPA values and be an active connection with both the PICPA and their fellow corporate finance members.

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  • Enhance the vitality of the profession by being a part of a community to support the pipeline into corporate finance
  • Opportunities to influence the value of PICPA membership for you and your organization
  • Connections to the PICPA and professional leaders
  • Access to various advocacy discussions and initiatives
  • Quarterly roundtable discussions with industry leaders and peers
  • Recognition as a leader within your organization and your professional community
  • Exclusive networking and professional development opportunities
  • And more


  • All CPAs on staff must be current PICPA members in good standing

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